President Biden: We’ll have enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May

President Biden: We’ll have enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May


While the state of Texas is actively trying to murder their citizens, there’s still just so much good news about the pandemic and the vaccines. It’s very possible that in the next few months, lockdown restrictions will be justifiably eased. We’re hearing that the CDC will issue new guidelines in a few days about how vaccinated people can hang out together indoors soon. And the best possible news: the Biden administration aimed high with their vaccine productions goals and then they proceeded to completely defy those high expectations. There should be 300 million vaccinations by the end of May! MAY!!!

President Joe Biden said Tuesday the United States would have enough Covid-19 vaccine doses for every adult American by the end of May, dramatically accelerating his timeline but acknowledging the country must still be vigilant against the virus. He also announced he would direct states to prioritize teachers in their vaccination plans, reemphasizing a commitment to returning students to classrooms amid a confusing administration stance on when and how classrooms can reopen.

The new date does not mean all Americans would receive shots by May 31; issues with distribution and personnel mean it could take much longer for all doses to be administered. But the speedier estimate, helped along by a new partnership between major US drugmakers, makes for an optimistic target as millions of Americans wait to receive their first doses. The timeline speeds up by two months the administration’s previous goal of having enough shots by the end of July.

“That’s progress,” Biden said in remarks from the White House, warning there could still be delays in getting shots in Americans’ arms and suggesting the country would not return to full normalcy for much longer.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we cannot let our guard down now to ensure victory is inevitable, we can’t assume that. We must remain vigilant, act fast and aggressively and look out for one another. That’s how we’re going to get ahead of this virus, get our economy going again and get back to our loved ones,” Biden said.

In his remarks, Biden announced that Merck would help manufacture a recently authorized vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson, which allowed for the new May goal. The arrangement is unusual and underscores the urgency in manufacturing and distributing enough vaccine doses to inoculate as many Americans as possible. Biden hailed the partnership as a way to quickly jumpstart the sluggish vaccine production, likening it to cooperation between corporations during World War II. The White House said it was utilizing the Defense Production Act to help equip two Merck facilities to manufacture the Johnson & Johnson product, including by bolstering “fill-finish” capacity when the doses are placed in vials and by increasing availability of the components of the vaccines.

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The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a big deal because it’s only one shot, although the data suggests that the Moderna and Pfizer (two shot) vaccines are likely more effective overall. Still, the J&J vaccine is 100% effective at preventing severe cases of Covid. Meaning, if you get the J&J one-shot vaccine and you catch Covid, you won’t get terribly sick from it and you won’t have to be hospitalized. Which is HUGE! If we can simply make Covid the equivalent of a 48-hour cold for all people, that would be amazing. Anyway, more vaccines = good. Vaccines faster = good. The overwhelming majority of Americans vaccinated by June = INCREDIBLE.

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