Pleasure P Defends Teen Son as Hes Wanted for Murder: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Pleasure P Defends Teen Son as Hes Wanted for Murder: Innocent Until Proven Guilty


Turning on his Instagram Live, the Pretty Ricky member says he has been crying while on tour and claims that there’s something off with the police investigation.

AceShowbizPleasure P has broken his silence on his son’s trouble with the law. After it was reported that his teen son is wanted for allegedly shooting and killing a 24-year-old man, the singer/songwriter turned on his Instagram Live to address the matter.

In the video, the Pretty Ricky member revealed he has been crying behind the scenes since news broke about the murder accusation against his son Marcus Ramone Cooper Jr. while he is on “The Millenium Tour”. The 36-year-old father is standing by his son’s side, reminding that the 17-year-old is “innocent until proven guilty.”

Pleasure went on defending his son, arguing, “Why would a 17-year-old be around a 24-year-old and no disrespect to that family, like no, because we want to get to the bottom of this.” He ranted, “He is 17! They making him out-they said, they put on the news, ‘Oh, he left him on the side of the road like he’s a dog,’ bro, my son don’t want for nothing! Never wanted for nothing! Seventeen?! Why would he shoot a 24-year-old? Talk about that. Let’s talk about this, bro!”

He further insinuated that there’s something off with the police investigation as he continued, “Let’s get all the facts straight. Let’s get all the investigation straight.” He added, “Something is missing.”

One person responded to Pleasure’s video by reminding him that it may not be a good thing to discuss an open case on social media. “No..and I surely wouldn’t be on the internet talking about it…this ain’t a moment & there’s nothing we can do about it but pray,” the said user advised.

Others, meanwhile, sent him support as one said, “Stay strong Have Faith God Bless.” Another commented, “If he’s innocent, I don’t blame him for being there for his child.” One other agreed as writing, “I will check out about mine too. Black fathers speak.”

Marcus is currently wanted by police after he allegedly shot and left a man named Tyron Arthus to die on October 8. He has been charged with first-degree premeditated murder with a firearm. Authorities were only able to secure an arrest warrant on November 1, but the teen remains at large as of press time.

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