Piers Morgan’s heartbreaking fears for daughter over celebrity culture

Piers Morgan’s heartbreaking fears for daughter over celebrity culture


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The ITV star hit the headlines a number of times this week due to inflammatory comments about celebrities, the Royal Family and the Government, which were published in Wake Up: Why The World Has Gone Nuts. In one diary extract, Piers expressed his concerns over how women are portrayed by the press and on social media. The father-of-four worried that his eight-year-old daughter Elise could compare herself to “size-zero human stick insects” or “hate herself for not being thin”.

The Good Morning Britain host feared that she could “crave to look like the heavily airbrushed female stars” due to being exposed to photoshopped images online.

Piers claimed that celebrities and the media were to blame for “little girls getting confused about their beauty and body image”.

He felt that stars “perpetuated the myth of ‘perfection’” and commented that in some photographs they were “virtually unrecognisable”.

The TV star acknowledged that ‘imperfections’ were being hidden “the world over” by “forensic photo cover-ups”.

The father-of-four wrote: “Cellulite had been removed, crease-lines decreased, pimples expunged…thighs trimmed, butts toned, the vaguest suggestion of bingo wings eliminated.”

Despite this, Piers said he didn’t blame celebrities for wanting to look ‘perfect’ and admitted that he demanded his ‘flaws’ to be masked too.

He wrote: “I myself proudly demand full-on protective airbrushing and chin removal on every photo shoot I do.

“‘Nobody wants or needs to see the real me,’ I explain to photographers, who invariably concur.” 

Piers claimed that celebrities were “raking in cash on the back of such false imagery” and it worked because “people want to buy it”.

He went on to defend the paparazzi for “selling revealing photos of these cover-girl stars without all the airbrushing” and claimed they were “merely ‘setting the record straight’”.

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The GMB host added: “Once you put your body up for lucrative personal gain, I’m afraid you have to accept a level of scrutiny and debate that comes with it.”

In a final rant, he vented that “the least” celebrities could do to redress this issue was to be transparent with the public and admit that their photographs were edited. 

Piers wrote: “Stop pretending it’s all everyone else’s fault that impressionable young girls struggle with their own beauty and body images as a result of seeing perfect photos.

“That would be a giant leap for feminism and this is where our focus should be, not hysterically and irrationally glorifying and defending fat or thin women on social media.”

Piers Morgan’s Wake Up: Why The World Has Gone Nuts was published by HarperCollins and is available here.

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