Paula Radcliffe burst into tears on being told daughter had rare cancer: Hard to take in

Paula Radcliffe burst into tears on being told daughter had rare cancer: Hard to take in


Paula Radcliffe emotionally discusses daughter's cancer diagnosis

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Last year, Paula Radcliffe and her husband Gough learnt that their 14-year-old daughter Isla had a tumour growing on one of her ovaries. The ex British long-distance runner said despite their teenager being sent to the oncology department, she held onto hope that it was something else.

It was hard to take in as everything had happened so fast

Paula Radcliffe

The 56-year-old was then given the shattering news that Isla had cancer.

She recalled: “The doctor had asked Isla to sit in the waiting room before telling me what it was.

“I burst into tears but had to stop crying and pull myself together before Isla came back into the room a few minutes later.

“The doctor then explained the diagnosis to Isla,” she told The Mirror.

The teenager had been complaining about bladder pain and was also getting out of breath while swimming.

By late August, she began suffering from unexplained bleeding between periods.

After growing concerned, Paula booked an appointment with a paediatrician and Isla underwent an ultrasound and tests the following day.

The tests concluded that she had a malignant germ cell tumour, which grows in the cells that form the eggs in the ovary.

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“It was hard to take in as everything had happened so fast,” said the three-time London Marathon winner.

Paula’s daughter began chemo a week later and started following a treatment plan.

Isla’s prognosis was good with a high chance of it being successfully cured with surgery and chemotherapy.

Such treatment however, came with side effects including losing her hair, but the teenager saw the funny side.

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She said: “When I was wearing a wig, it became a joke at school with my friend when the teachers said it was now time to clip our hair back and I said, ‘Oh!’ and we laughed.

“If someone mentions my cancer, I don’t get all upset.

“Sometimes I joke about it, sometimes I pretend it didn’t happen.”

Speaking to last month, Paula said Isla was back to playing sport after being given the all-clear.

“She’s fine and her hair is growing back slowly,” she revealed.

Isla has been having checks up and tests every three months in France, where the family have been living since 2005.

Paula added she felt “guilty” as a parent upon learning her daughter’s diagnosis.

She went on to praise medical staff for seeing Isla as a priority.

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