Now hold on BBC Breakfasts Dan Walker calls out lack of credit over Strictly style

Now hold on BBC Breakfasts Dan Walker calls out lack of credit over Strictly style


Morning Live: Gethin Jones mocks Dan Walker's lobster dance

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Dan Walker, 44, has called out a design by Vogue France, who posted a picture of a lobster design on their Instagram page. The star has said, jokingly, that he and Strictly 2021 dance partner should have been given some credit. 

He said, tagging Nadiya Bychkova, that he couldn’t “believe” the two didn’t get any credit. 

The pair wore costumes during the show that bore a striking resemblance to the outfit shown off on the Vogue account. 

The tweet was published in view of Dan’s 745,500 followers. 

In full, the star wrote: “Now… hold on there just a minute.

“I can’t believe we didn’t get a credit @NadiyaBychkova.


Fans jumped on to the comment section to poke fun in light of Dan’s tweet. 

@MatthewThomas32 said jokingly: “Scott Mills called, he wants his costume back.”

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A post shared by Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker)

@PennyPillinger wrote: “We loved your lobster performance, we’ll never forget it. In a good way.”

@SamanthaNeal14 wrote: “My third favourite dance to watch.”

Yesterday, Dan spoke to his former Strictly partner Nadiya Bychkova on BBC Breakfast. 

Nadiya joined Gethin Jones and Kimberley Walsh in the Morning Live Studio, speaking to Dan and Nina Warhurst over the screen at the Breakfast studio. 

They didn’t just catch up, however, the two started dancing for the amusement of viewers. 

Nadiya went on Morning Live for the show’s “Strictly Fitness” section and said she was going to show off the “Running Man” and encouraged viewers to follow after her. 

“She’s getting us warmed up this Wednesday, Nadiya’s back for today’s Strictly Fitness. And today we’re doing the ‘Running Man’,” Kimberley said, introducing the star. 

Gethin chimed in: “Now someone who knows the ‘Running Man’ is you, Dan.”

“This is one of our moves from MC Hammer, it’s lovely to see you all this morning.”

Looking over to Nadiya, Dan jokingly butted in: “Can I have a chat with my professional partner, are you alright Nadiya? Are they looking after you this morning?”

Nadiya said: “I’m okay, they’re looking after me (but) there’s no coffee and biscuits.”

Dan quipped: “Oh, Gethin! What are you doing?”

Dan and Nina then started to show off their moves as Dan said: “Have we got some music? Oh, there we go, okay.”

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