Nicki Minaj Gifts IG Clout to Security Guard Who Let 'Barb' Rap in Store

Nicki Minaj Gifts IG Clout to Security Guard Who Let 'Barb' Rap in Store


Nicki Minaj is hooking up the mall cop who let one of her fans rap in a Zara, and it sounds like his 15 minutes of fame comes with an added bonus … some social media clout with the Barbz!!!

We got the security guard, Michael, out Monday in NYC after he’d gone viral for letting one of Nicki’s barbz, Zha Chanel, perform a cover of the new track, “Whole Lotta Money” … on which Minaj features.

Michael was actually with Zha when he told us what went down when Nicki let her followers know she was looking for him to give him a gift for looking the other way during Zha’s impromptu gig.

Sounds like Zha — along with Michael’s store manager — went out of their way to get him connected to Nicki, and he says he couldn’t believe it.

After Nicki got proof it was really him, she told Michael she was going to like one of his Instagram pics to get the likes rolling in … and he says his phone’s been blowing up ever since.

Even better — she also tagged him in one of her IG stories … so now his follower count’s skyrocketing too!

Michael says he’s enjoying the ride, and he’s not sure if he’s going to get in any trouble for letting Zha do her thing, but he doesn’t care if he does — he’s just happy to support Black artists, and get some positive vibes in return.

Michael adds that Nicki’s supposed to send him another gift, and while he’s not sure what it is … he’s already feeling blessed.

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