Mindy Kaling Opened Up About Her Craziest "Office" Memory, Her "Late Night" Character, And More

Mindy Kaling Opened Up About Her Craziest "Office" Memory, Her "Late Night" Character, And More


I don’t think anyone can fully comprehend my love for Mindy Kaling, but let’s just say it is VAST.


I mean, how could it not be? She’s incredibly funny, gave us classic quotes to bombard the group chat with, not to mention, created the WREATH WITHERSPOON!!!

She’s also an amazing writer, director, and actor, and her fashion is TOO GOOD!

Well in a new interview with BuzzFeed, Mindy shared some fun facts about herself so now I can better pretend we’re BFFs!

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Here’s what she said on the challenges of her career:

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“The most challenging part of my career is the most challenging part of any working mom’s careers, I think…there’s not enough time in the day.”

On which of her characters she relates to the most:


“I probably most relate to Molly Patel from Late Night. I remember really well what it was like to move to Los Angeles, feeling terrified trying to make it as a comedy writer.”

On her favorite TV shows:


“I love Barry, which stars Bill Hader, and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

On her craziest memory from filming The Office:


“I remember flying to Buffalo, New York to shoot the wedding episode and being on the ship in Niagara Falls while we filmed Jim and Pam getting married. There wasn’t very much room but I was there, three feet from them, getting doused with water from the waterfall.”

On her expectations of motherhood:


“I thought that being a mother would mean that I would want to stop working. In fact, it has made me want to work even harder to provide for my daughter.”

On what she’d be if she wasn’t an actor:

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“If I wasn’t an actor, I would love to teach Latin to middle schoolers.”

And finally, on her future projects:

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“Having worked on adaptations of The Office and Four Weddings, I am excited to take a break from that and work on original material for a while. Adaptations are fun but can be extremely challenging.”

Can’t wait to see what she does next!

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