Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys potential new neighbours urge them to stay away

Meghan Markle and Prince Harrys potential new neighbours urge them to stay away


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's potential new neighbours have reportedly urged the couple to "stay away".

It comes after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex look set to move ten miles from their £14million mansion in Montecito, California to Hope Ranch in Santa Barbara.

However, with rumours suggesting the couple could potentially be upping sticks, sources at TMZ learned that news of their potential arrival in Santa Barbara has left the locals unimpressed.

In fact, according to sources close to the Homeowners Association (HOA) at Hope Ranch, several members of the exclusive community are worried about the baggage the famous couple will bring should they make the move.

It's thought that there is no personal dislike of Harry, 37, and Meghan, 41, but many fear that their presence will bring a circus to their closed-off community and will also contribute to logistical issues that they'll have to deal with, such as traffic.

Traffic has reportedly been a long-term issue for the city of Santa Barbara with the community working hard to reduce the number of cars in the community.

If the Sussexes do make Santa Barbara their new home it is feared that their presence will lead to an incredible amount of press in the area.

The Daily Star has reported that some members of the community believe it could create an unsafe environment for kids playing and making their way to school.

Despite some backlash to Harry and Meghan's potential move their current neighbours in Montecito have suggested that their neighbourhood never transformed into a paparazzi hub that those is Santa Barbara are fearing.

But one reason as to why they could be looking to move is due to the saltwater marsh that their current mansion in built on which has contributed to a putrid smell.

One local Montecito resident told the Daily Star: "It smells like offal that has been rotting in the sun. It makes my stomach churn."

However, Harry and Meghan aren't the only royals creating "uproar" after moving house – Prince William and Kate Middleton are also in the midst of controversy after the swapped Kensington Palace for Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

During an episode of podcast Royally Obsessed, royal experts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, claimed that the move was controversial due to the amount of money spent on renovating Kensington Palace.

They said: "There is a lot of uproar because Robert Jobson was saying that the Waleses had £12million worth of renovations done to Kensington Palace 1A to make it family-oriented and liveable for them and their kids.

"The promise was that they'd be there for the long haul.”


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