Man who was snapped motorboating Charles Bronson’s ex Paula Williamson ‘feels responsible’ for her death

Man who was snapped motorboating Charles Bronson’s ex Paula Williamson ‘feels responsible’ for her death


The man who was snapped putting his face into Charles Bronson’s ex-wife Paula Williamson’s boobs last year fears he is the the “catalyst” for her death.

Connor Boyes, 27, said he fears his actions “led her on a downward spiral” after she was found dead on Monday.

Notorious prisoner Charles filed for divorce from Coronation Street actress Paula after photos of Connor putting his face into her boobs – known as motorboating – emerged.

The divorce came just 16 months after the couple married in a prison chapel in 2017.

When the pictures surfaced Charles filed for divorce from Paula, calling her a “drunken tart”.

Conor now fears he is partly to blame after Paula’s body was found on Monday at a house in Sneyd Green in Stock-on-Trent. “I fear what happened with us led to a downward spiral,” Conor told the Sun Online.

"I'm worried me and my friends were the catalyst for her passing away as it was one thing after another when she got divorced from Charles.

"Even if it wasn't me directly, there could have been a domino effect after what happened in Tenerife. We thought it was just lads on holiday having a laugh but never thought of the consequences of it.”

Paula initially laughed off the images, calling herself a “flirt” and saying: “Charlie would be surprised if I didn't. He knows I'm a flirt and loves me for it."

After Charles filed for divorce, Paula appeared on Loose Women to speak about the ordeal.

Paula broke down in tears and said: “I have got an alcohol problem, I’ve got a prescription drug problem,” she began, “Every single messed up thing I’ve done is through alcohol. I’ve got to stop.”

After reading a statement from Charles' legal team, she said: ”He’s made me realise that. I’m thankful, no bitterness towards him whatsoever.”

Jane then asked: “Have you learnt from that?” to which she replied: “I am upset, I have lost family. But I have learnt my lesson. I want a life, now I am free, to go and find someone.

“Yes, I’ve learnt, yes I want to sort myself out. I definitely haven’t done this for the glory. I definitely have not done this for fame or fortune.”

But Charles chillingly predicted Paula would be “dead in two years if she didn’t sort herself out”.

Conor added: "Whether it was just one per cent or 50 per cent, the situation was definitely a factor of her downfall over the year.

"It's obviously been a tough year for her with the divorce and I worry the Tenerife pictures were a trigger for it all and the start of the spiral. Me and my mates are all in shock and feel a responsibility that we could have contributed to her death."

Paula was aged just 38 when she passed away. The cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

Her ex-hubby Charles broke his silence after her death , and was said to be “upset and in shock,” according to his former best man Rod Harrison told The Mirror.

Just a few weeks before her death, Paula emotionally revealed marrying Charles left her with “absolutely nothing”.

She told The Sun: “It's never nice and I have been left with absolutely nothing.

"I have lost all my work because I married this man as well as family and friends. I don't believe in mistakes or regrets.”

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