Malin Andersson shares poignant pregnancy photo as she opens up on tragic death of daughter Consy: ‘Just know there is a light’

Malin Andersson shares poignant pregnancy photo as she opens up on tragic death of daughter Consy: ‘Just know there is a light’


Love Island’s Malin Andersson has shared a reflective post after the tragic death of her baby daughter Consy.

Malin tragically lost her newborn daughter earlier this year, and has now shared a photo of herself during her pregnancy to discuss her strength with getting through trauma.

The reality TV star is seen laying on a bed showing her bump while she was seven months pregnant.

Malin wrote alongside the image: “So today on this hot day, I’m sat indoors reflecting on yesterday as my baby girl would have been 7 months old. I just want to share this with you, to anyone that’s lost anyone, or anyone that might benefit from reading this.

“When this picture was taken I was full of happiness, excitement, scared for my new life as a mum and was embracing pregnancy like no other! I loved the way my body was changing, it was beautiful feeling her kick and move all the time.”

She added: “Even when I was achey and full of sciatica it didn’t bother me one bit or put me off the idea of becoming a mum. Then all these feelings turned upside down and a huge cloud hung over my head and I saw no way out.

“In life we go through trauma, everyone experiences different types of trauma. And I can honestly say it’s how you deal with it that matters the most. We can let it define us or dictate where our future goes and use it to let us grow. When we feel like there’s no end to horrible experiences that we go through, just know that things do get better, life gets better.

“There have been plenty of times when I couldn’t look past tomorrow. But I picked myself up and said to myself I could do it, it’s easier said then done.. but we all have an inner strength inside us that pulls through each time.”

Reaching out to her fans, the 26 year old said: “There is always someone out there going through worse.. use your suffering as a transformation and know that YOU CAN and do ANYTHING. Our minds are powerful.

“Put yourself first, practice self love, and remember we only have one life here on earth.. so make every second count. Trauma can also motivate us to develop in certain areas of our lives. Scientists call this phenomenon post-traumatic growth.. Just know there is a light, and it’s waiting for ya.”

Following the tragedy, Malin has become an advocate for mental health and will launch an app, named after her daughter, dedicated to self-care.

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