Lisa Kudrow hates working out after suffering injuries from a tough trainer

Lisa Kudrow hates working out after suffering injuries from a tough trainer


Lisa Kudrow, 56, was on Conan trying to tell a cute story about how she finds working out punishing and doesn’t do it. She said she’s never liked exercising. Conan was questioning how much pain she was really in, and the whole vibe was weird like he was discounting her. Maybe that’s because he knows her well or I’m just not familiar with his humor, it’s hard to tell. Watch the video below and see if you agree with me. Here’s what she said and as someone who loves working out I just felt bad for her, like she hasn’t found her fitness niche yet. Exercise can be for everyone!

I’ve known you a long time. You don’t like to work out, you don’t work at it. You never liked it.
That’s right. I hate it. I did try. I thought ‘I should have a trainer.’ I started doing Friends. I just kept getting hurt. They’re like ‘Oh no you should work through the pain.’ No, Tthe pain is a sign that you’re about to injure yourself. You don’t work through it. You pay heed.

It doesn’t sound like you had good trainers
I had the best. ‘Work through the pain.’ Then the next day I can’t walk for like weeks it hurts. ‘Yeah yeah that’s good, it’s ok.’ It’s not.

Why are you suddenly getting hurt all the time?
The trainers hurt me. Where are we going [with this]? I am cautious anyway.

I wasn’t being overly cautious. It was almost a tear in something. I’ve got doctors in my family. They would say ‘For God’s sake, stop.’ I’m afraid of getting really hurt. I stopped skiing ten years ago because everyone gets hurt.

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I love exercise, but I know it’s not everyone’s thing and so I try not to talk about it too much or I’ll sound like an a-hole. (When my friends talk about dieting I also try to STFU.) I’ve mentioned before that I think of it like crafting. There are so many different crafts to do and some people love it while I consider myself not crafty or artistic at all. However maybe I just haven’t found my craft yet, you know? I took a drawing class and it was scary at first but I ended up surprised by how much I liked it. So I think Lisa just had a bad experience and then generalized that. We beat ourselves up so much about the things we’re not good at when all we need to do is take a different approach. Or not. I bet Lisa is walking every day or doing yoga or something like that.

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