‘LHH: ATL’ Star Bambi Defends Herself After Backlash Over Co-Parenting Issue With Erica Dixon

‘LHH: ATL’ Star Bambi Defends Herself After Backlash Over Co-Parenting Issue With Erica Dixon


The Compton, California native responds to critics who slam both her and husband Lil Scrappy for refusing to talk to his baby mama, with whom the rapper shares daughter Emani.

AceShowbizBambi has had enough of the backlash that she and husband Lil Scrappy receive over his co-parenting issue with baby mama Erica Dixon. The criticism got worse following the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star to the point where the Compton, California native felt the need to defend herself on social media.

During the episode, Scrappy was seen playing basketball his daughter Emani before the teenager reminded the rapper that her 14th birthday is fast approaching. She told Scrappy how she wanted all of her family to attend her birthday party, including her mom Erica. The 35-year-old looked very pressured with the request as he and Bambi had opted not to talk to his baby mama, but he assured Emani that he’s willing to give her whatever she wants.

Following the episode, many were quick to slam both Bambi and Scrappy for not talking to Erica. Some even put the blame on Bambi because Scrappy and Erica used to get along just fine before Bambi came into the picture. That was when Bambi decided to speak out on Twitter and defend herself against her haters.

“I don’t care what none of y’all spectators think. I’m not doing anything for a storyline. If Erica wanted to have a real conversation she would have accepted our offer to do that before filming started,” she said on the micro-blogging site, adding in another tweet, “We decided not to film with anyone who could potentially put us in a position to embarrass Emani. At the of the day it’s about her.”

Bambi defended herself after the backlash.

Bambi didn’t want to film with anyone who could embarrass Emani.

Later on, she stressed that “nobody wants to see their parents on tv arguing… so WE said no! End of story.” Concluding her rant, she wrote, “No drama over here. We’re sooooo boring and happy!”

Bambi stressed ‘nobody wants to see their parents on tv arguing.’

Bambi concluded her rant.

This is barely the first time Erica and Scrappy’s co-parenting issue is documented on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. Erica previously said that she had reached out to Scrappy and invited him and Bambi to have a talk together, but both of them refused the idea. Even though his mom tried to change their mind, they didn’t seem to be wanting to change.

He said of his decision in an episode of the show back in April, “There’s nothing that I have to say to Erica. There’s nothing that she has to say to me. I pay the State, the State pay her. What else do you need?”

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