Lewis Capaldi's reason for not doing OnlyFans as hilarious as you'd expect

Lewis Capaldi's reason for not doing OnlyFans as hilarious as you'd expect


Lewis Capaldi got very honest about his private parts when discussing his chances on OnlyFans.

The Someone You Loved singer had been tipped to earn a fortune by stripping off for camera sessions on the platform.

However, he doesn’t seem that keen on the venture.

Reacting to a headline which read that he could earn £2million by turning to OnlyFans, the 24-year-old revealed why this wasn’t the case.

‘Got a wee c**k unfortunately x,’ he wrote while quote-tweeting the publication.


Fans didn’t know quite what to make of Lewis’ admission – and honestly, same.

‘We don’t need only fans, just another album thank u [sic],’ a follower replied.

‘Thanks for sharing that information with us luv x,’ another posted.

‘I- there’s a lot to unpack in this tweet,’ one agreed.

While a Twitter user offered some helpful tips to get his videos underway.

‘I can see it!!  Throw some tassels on your nippies and you’ll be all set,’ they added.

Over to you, Lewis…

The Before You Go star has been busy over the last few months, and has penned 50 new songs – with a solid three or four of them good enough to be released.

But we might be waiting a while for any new music from the award-winner – as he doesn’t want anyone to suffer anymore in 2020.

Chatting to the Daily Star, he teased: ‘Hopefully I will release a new song and a new album next year. I won’t release another album this year or anything.’

‘I think people have suffered enough in 2020,’ he joked. ‘They don’t need another song from me.’

‘I am surprised at how productive I have been during lockdown, as I thought I’d just sit in my pants all day and that would be it.’

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