Lauren Hutton Reveals Her Beauty Secret at 75!

Lauren Hutton Reveals Her Beauty Secret at 75!


Lauren Hutton is opening up about how she maintains her appearance at the age of 75.

The supermodel and actress spoke about her beauty routine in an interview with People on Wednesday (August 28).

When asked for her best beauty trick, she said: “A good man. And certainly don’t give up sex — because that’s just silly.”

She also discussed getting back into modeling at 47, and her puzzlement at seeing only young girls in magazines: “‘Damn,’ I thought. ‘I still have a good time in bed. And most of my friends do, so why are we getting buried at 30 and 40?’” she said.

She also suggested “laughing, reading and being in nature” for looking young.

“I used to use a lot of coconut oil. I put that in my hair and all over my body. And then don’t use too much makeup,” she added.

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