Laura Dern's Net Worth Is Super High, and She Deserves Every Penny

Laura Dern's Net Worth Is Super High, and She Deserves Every Penny


Laura Dern is an icon, a legend, and quite literally amazing in every single thing she is in—yes, including Little Fockers!!!!!—and I’m thrilled to report that she’s a multi-millionaire. Though honestly, considering she’s been steadily acting since the ’80s and has appeared in multiple blockbuster movies and TV shows, it would be a true shock to the system if she wasn’t. So, how much money does Laura Dern make, exactly? Approximately enough $$ to start her very own dinosaur adventure park, but let’s get into specifics.

What Is Laura Dern’s Total Net Worth?

Thanks for asking, according to Celebrity Net Worth she has $20 million in the bank. GOOD FOR HER.

What Did She Make for Big Little Lies?

Unknown (ugh), but we do have some info thanks to The Hollywood Reporter dishing on literally everyone else’s salaries. According to THR, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon got between $250,000 and $350,000 an episode for season 1, and $1 million an episode for season 2, but keep in mind they were also exec producers. THR notes that “co-stars like Zoë Kravitz” got $380,000 total in season 1 (which bumped to $3 million for season 2), while Shailene Woodley earned $1.7 million total in season 1. So…gonna assume Laura Dern made somewhere in that ballpark for her excellent work on the show!

Back in 2019, Laura actually spoke to CNN about how Big Little Lies is one of the only projects she felt she’d received equal pay on. “I don’t know that I still am necessarily [being paid equal],” she said. “It’s getting closer, but when the right people are in charge who really want to make a difference, when your fellow workers are fighting for parity, that’s when you start to see changes.”

“It’s every movie, until recently, when groups of people have stood together and when my fellow cast members are female and we all say, ‘Hey, we would like to effect change and have parity and have a crew that represents parity and diversity,’” she added. “I have to admit that as fierce as I want to be in my voice, I can remember my voice shaking and my palms sweating and me wanting backup and me turning to male superiors or male representatives. [They’d be] shutting it down with, ‘Well, you don’t open a movie like that person,’ or ‘He’s been doing it longer than you,’ or ‘There are so many other women who want this job.’”

She also made a point to note that, “I’ve watched women in various workplace environments and I know within my industry as well, creating a community of other women workers and having a group text where you share transparency [helps]. ‘What do you make?’ ‘Are you getting overtime?’ ‘Did you get vacation time?’ ‘What happened when you had a baby?’ So when you use your voice, you’re very well informed.”

On That Note, Let’s Talk Jurassic Park

Obviously Laura Dern made than franchise what it is, which is why she’s back for Jurassic World: Dominion. The film is expected to make “well north of $125 million” according to THR, in large part because fans of the original film are obviously going to buy tickets. No word on what Laura pulled in for appearing in the movie, but Chris Pratt earned $10 million for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Laura is just as important to the franchise, so it better be that or more, BYE!

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