Kylie Jenner got a small orange kitten for Christmas, was it for Stormi?

Kylie Jenner got a small orange kitten for Christmas, was it for Stormi?


I did not get a kitten for Christmas. I definitely thought about it, and were I to get another pet, I would want to pick one out for myself. I don’t believe people should give pets to other people for the holidays (there are a few exceptions, but really, that’s the general rule). I don’t know if Kylie Jenner was given a kitten or if she picked one out for herself, but Kylie definitely has a new cat. He’s orange and very small.

Kylie has always had dogs, mostly Italian greyhounds. She’s already the dog-mom to Norman, Bambi, Rosy, Harley and Kevin. I can’t even imagine having five dogs, a toddler and then adding a kitten into the mix, but Kylie has a huge home with a sizeable backyard and lots of help, so maybe it’s not that complicated. Oh, and Kylie is pregnant too – she’s due in February, so all in all, it’s kind of a weird time to introduce a cat into the mix. I wonder if Stormi wanted a kitty for Christmas. That was probably it?

The Kardashian-Jenners are generally dog people or “no pet” people. Some people just shouldn’t have pets, and Kim Kardashian is one of them. Remember Mercy Kardashian-West? Kanye gave Kim a cat, Mercy, and Mercy died when she was just four months old. I still think about that. Hopefully Kitty Jenner-Webster will live a long and healthy life.

— midias IKJB (@IKJBmidias) December 26, 2021

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