Kelsey Hits Back at Megan Thee Stallion’s Friend Who Accuses Her of Being Paid to Keep Silent

Kelsey Hits Back at Megan Thee Stallion’s Friend Who Accuses Her of Being Paid to Keep Silent


The drama between the Hot Girl Summer and best friend Kelsey is further thickening after it was previously revealed that the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

AceShowbiz -The tension between Megan Thee Stallion and her ex-best friend Kelsey continues to heat. A friend of the Hot Girl Summer named Jaeliey took to Instagram to accuse Kelsey of being paid to keep silent about the shooting scandal involving the rapper and Tory Lanez.

“Since you linking with the opps, you disqualified b***,” so Jaeliey wrote on Tuesday, September 29. She then shared a lengthy, angry message for Kelsey which read, “Like how tf you so silent you goofy long face b***h. How can you come in my room that day at the LA house and say (verbatim) TORY SHOT forget you came back around 4pm after you dropped off telling me the details bout how he f***ing pulled out a gun during a petty argument and he got mad and shot her.”

She went on slamming Kelsey, “But now you being quiet? You coward a** mouse b***h..really lied to ME of all people about being injured bc Tory was beating yo a**?!? what happened to that? Why you ain’t say s**t??????? But Meg supposed to be your best friend..that’s not how best friends work and you know you wrong God gone handle you accordingly.”

“I also remember you mentioning that they gone have to “pay you or something” ?? Or you forgot? Thaaat must be where that lil necklace come from …i wondered why you only posted it on FB w that weak a** freestyle,” she continued.

She added, “Remember how Tory called you and i told you to decline it and we both listened to a voicemail of his a** crying saying how sorry he was for shooting her and how he was too drunk? That amnesia a fool huh. Y’all keep asking why Kelsey silent?! Well talk now b***h!”

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It appeared that Kelsey caught wind of Jealiey’s post as she addressed it on her own page. “Get home girl to 10k Goodnight y’all,” she said on Instagram Stories. “When I’m ready to speak my truth , I will . Until then … keep throwing rocks . I’m noting everything.”

Prior to this, TheShadeRoom noted that the “WAP” raptress and Kelsey have unfollowed each other on Instagram. “This just keeps getting messier and messier and messier,” a fan commented upon seeing how things are going amid speculations that Tory shot Megan in a July altercation. “Megan needs to keep her circle super tight and take out all the negative people I don’t blame her for this,” another fan added.

One user pointed out that something was off with Kelsey. “How ya ‘best friend’ get shot and you still cool with the opposer… but acting flaky towards her. Since Tory ‘didn’t do it’ did you????” the person said. A fan, meanwhile, believed that “there’s more to the story.”

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