Josie Gibson falls into lake and has to be rescued live on This Morning

Josie Gibson falls into lake and has to be rescued live on This Morning


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This Morning's Josie Gibson has suffered a Bridget Jones-style live TV gaffe as her bottom got a close-up shot while she was hauled out of the water after a fall.

Josie, 36, was presenting a live link for the ITV daytime show's competition to win £90,000 and a car on Thursday and had been sent to the Wibit action assault course, an inflatable course in the middle of Reading's Caversham Lakes, when the embarrassing accident happened.

Dressed in a wetsuit, Josie clambered across part of the course as she explained the prize, but slipped on the inflatables and tumbled into the water as she shouted out: "That wasn't meant to happen! My pack is really expensive and is on my back, I'm sorry."

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in hysterics and insisted on panning back to Josie's accident as she was dragged out of the water by assault course staff.

One of them also slipped as he tried to pull Josie back aboard the assault course and then gave the cameras a full view of her bottom by grabbing one of her thighs to haul her out of the water.

Laughing at the scenes, Phil said: "Oh my god, this is not the most dignified shots there have ever been, Josie we're so sorry to cut back to you, we could not lose this link."

An embarrassed Josie said: "My sound man is so angry with me right now because that is a very expensive piece of kit I've got on my back, apologies."

But Holly told her: "Oh my god, that was maybe my favourite moment of yours ever Josie, that was incredible.

"Can someone make a Boomerang out of that now, please?"

Josie is often seen stumbling her way through her competition links, which take her to various risk-ridden situations.

She recently narrowly avoided tumbling into a lake when she joined a fisherman in the water and tried to lift her leg to show off her waders.

Last year, she accidentally swallowed a spider live on air while sampling some cider during a segment she was presenting.

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