Joe Biden was handsome, wonky, compassionate & wonderful during his townhall

Joe Biden was handsome, wonky, compassionate & wonderful during his townhall


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CB and I didn’t even talk about it beforehand, but we were both live-tweeting Joe Biden’s townhall last night on ABC. It was really good! I’ll be honest, I’ve known for four years that I would vote for whoever got the Democratic nomination, so I haven’t really fussed over (what I see as) the smaller issues or gaffes or whatever. So I came into the Biden townhall having not listened to his speeches much in recent months. I was impressed! He was sharp as a tack, at times bordering on “mind-numbingly wonky” in that lovely way Obama had too. Joe was folksy, compassionate, decent, genuine and just… trustworthy. Which brings me to this tweet from Mercedes Schlapp, the senior advisor to the Trump-Pence campaign:

— Mercedes Schlapp (@mercedesschlapp) October 16, 2020

Imagine thinking this is some kind of insult. Imagine thinking “you know who people hate? Mr. Rogers.” And if Joe Biden reminded you of Mr. Rogers, that’s a compliment to Joe. Mr. Rogers was the biggest mensch in the world.

So, yeah. Please vote! Make a plan to vote, if you haven’t already. I genuinely wept last night when I thought about how amazing it would be to have a nice president with compassion, nuance and thoughtfulness.

This was one of my favorite moments – Biden talking foreign policy. We haven’t talked enough about foreign policy during the election, and I loved Biden’s full-on RANT.

Biden talks about the Supreme Court. They’ll say he’s dodging the question, but I think he’s just leaving himself room to maneuver once everything shakes out.

This was the question about the 1994 Crime Bill and he said he regretted it, and he talked a lot about community policing and how modern policing needs to be changed.

And here are the clips about the pandemic and vaccines.

Biden stayed after the townhall was “done” so he could keep talking to the people.

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