Jodie Marsh quizzed by RSPCA at farm after she took her meerkat to pub

Jodie Marsh quizzed by RSPCA at farm after she took her meerkat to pub


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Jodie Marsh’s animal rescue centre was raided after she took her meerkat Mabel to the pub.

The ex-Celebrity Big Brother star, 44, filmed RSPCA and trading standards outside the £1million farm where she keeps 250 animals including llamas, goats and ponies.

The footage comes after she confirmed she had taken her pet meerkat Mabel to the pub because the animal “cried if I left her”.

The OnlyFans model claims she has been targeted by “cruel trolls” who are the reason behind the visit as they are “out to cause trouble”.

Jodie has assured her rescue animals are well cared for and has since hit out at the officers for attending her Fripps Farm Animal Rescue on Wednesday.

She explained the RSPCA quizzed her about the meerkat “incident” after she took her pet to the pub.

“I explained she had been orphaned, I was rearing her and she needed regular feeding every hour,” Jodie explained to The Sun.

“I went to my local pub briefly and took her because she cried if I left her.”

James added: “No one made a fuss or complained. Everyone is very supportive but I have a troll who is out to cause trouble.”

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Jodie funds the farm through the money she earns by doing OnlyFans and says it costs her £4,000 a week to run.

She later took to Instagram where she hit out at officers on the picture-sharing site.

Jodie explained: “We have just had 2 full hours of our day wasted by the RSPCA, APHA and some woman from trading standards.

“They turned up here mob-handed and demanded to see our animals.”

She added: “They have been here for an hour because they have had reports an emu is in distress because it has a tube down its neck.

“As you all know emu would have died if we had not tube fed her.

“The vet came round, the vet showed us what to do and we put all our time and effort into getting her better and she now eats by herself.” has contacted RSPCA representatives for comment.

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