Jennifer Lopez Looks Unrecognizable with Purple Hair

Jennifer Lopez Looks Unrecognizable with Purple Hair


When it comes to beauty, Jennifer Lopez tends to stick to her signatures (bronzed skin, bombshell waves, nude lips), and rarely strays too far from the fold. But even a superstar with a go-to style like J.Lo's isn't immune to switching things up every once in a while.

Ready for a change, the singer debuted a drastic new look on Instagram. Trading in her honey-hued hair for a purple dye job, Lopez looked nearly unrecognizable in a photo posted to her hairstylist Chris Appleton's grid.

"Unicorn barbie," he captioned a glamorous portrait of J.Lo sporting long lilac locks, matching eyeshadow, and a futuristic ensemble complete with statement shoulders.

In another shot shared to Appleton's account, Lopez wore her hair in a platinum blonde bob with a floral pattern stenciled on the side.

Don't worry, though: the dramatic hair transformations are only temporary. On Christmas Day, J.Lo posted a teaser trailer for her "In the Morning" music video, which featured the elaborate hairstyles.

"It’s CHRISTMAS MORNING 🎄 and I have a lil’ 🎁 for you!!!" she wrote, adding: "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Sending you wishes and prayers for you to be surrounded by family, friends and true love in 2021."

So, will 2021 usher in a bolder version of J.Lo? Probably not, but nonetheless, it's refreshing to see her step outside her comfort zone.

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