Jana Duggar Just Shared The Most GROWN-UP Photo Of Nephew Spurgeon!

Jana Duggar Just Shared The Most GROWN-UP Photo Of Nephew Spurgeon!


They grow up so fast. 

While it feels like only yesterday that Jessa Duggar’s son Spurgeon was born, fans are quickly realizing that is not the case after Jana Duggar recently shared the cutest photo of her nephew to Instagram. 

And yes, we are feeling a bit old right now.

That’s right — this little fella is no longer a baby, but rather a young man! 

Ok, Spurgeon turns 4 in November. But seriously, this new photo has fans shocked at just how cute and grown-up he looks since the last time they saw photos of him. 

Some followers barely even recognized him. 

Jana posted a photo of her spending some quality time with “cool kid” Spurgeon as they were together at a restaurant or coffee shop. 

The Duggar grandson is seen sporting a gray tee with tan shorts and a snapback as he smiles for the camera. 

Too! Cute! 

“Hanging with the cool kid!” Aunt Jana captioned the pic, as seen below. 

We’re not sure why Spurgeon looks like a little young man in the photo, but we can guess that it is either the fact that he is wearing a snapback or possibly the fact that he is holding a coffee cup. 

And yes, some followers naturally freaked out stating that the child should not be drinking coffee, but others reminded the crazies that it is probably milk, hot chocolate, or literally any other beverage that does not contain caffeine. 

But most of the comments mentioned just how handsome the little guy looked! 

“Suddenly he’s 16 years old,” one user joked, while another said, “He looks SO BIG.”

“OH MY GOODNESS!!! HE IS NEARLY GROWN UP!” chimed another. 

Most fans were just confused, asking “how old is he?”

But don’t worry, he is still 100% a young person. 

His merry-go-round ride can vouch for that, which he got to go on later that day as seen on Jana’s Instagram Story. 

Ben Seewald was there as well, ensuring that his son didn’t fall off the horse, as was mama Jessa. 

Siblings Henry, 2, and precious baby Ivy Jane were not pictured, though we are sure they got to partake in the family fun day! 

With Spurgeon already aging into the handsome youngster he is, we’re sure Henry isn’t too far behind.

And Ivy Jane, who was born on May 26th (via a pet pad on a couch!), is no doubt going to grow up right before our eyes as well.

But we know she is going to have the best big brothers looking over her!

Uh, this fam is just the cutest.

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