James Charles Marched in His First Pride Parade ⁠— With The Trevor Project

James Charles Marched in His First Pride Parade ⁠— With The Trevor Project


He’s one of the best-known beauty gurus on YouTube. Recently, James Charles marched in his first Pride parade, during World Pride 2019. He wasn’t marching alone. The YouTuber walked alongside The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that benefits LGBTQ+ youth. How is James Charles connected to The Trevor Project? Learn more about the nonprofit, here.

What is The Trevor Project?

It wasn’t just celebrities who marched at World Pride 2019. A few nonprofits showed their love, including The Trevor Project, a renowned organization that benefits LGBTQ+ youth. According to their website, this nonprofit is “the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.”

Additionally, The Trevor Project provides a 24/7 chat line, so LGBTQ youth who might not be out to their parents can have a discreet conversation and feel as though they’re not alone. Members of the queer community often advocate for this organization. That includes James Charles, a YouTube personality and beauty guru.

How is James Charles involved with The Trevor Project?

In a YouTube video, entitled “Hi Sisters,” James Charles created a pride, rainbow-inspired eyeshadow look with Morphe products. This was the beauty guru’s return to YouTube after a brief hiatus and almost instantly, the video earned millions of views.

The best part? James Charles donated all the revenue made from the video to The Trevor Project. This is not the first time a YouTuber collaborated with this nonprofit — YouTube personality Tyler Oakley often mentions The Trevor Project in his videos, partnering with them for the AT&T “Turn Up The Love” campaign.

This was James Charles’ first time marching in NYC’s Pride Parade

Even though the YouTuber has been famous for a few years, this was his first time marching at World Pride. In an interview with the New York Times, James Charles weighed in on his emotional experience marching down 5th Ave.

“I want to go every year, but literally, I’ve always been traveling,” Charles said. “This is just such a special moment to be here with my community… I literally started crying earlier while I was walking. It warms my entire heart to see all generations and all the people supporting.”

After a YouTube controversy with beauty guru, Tati Westbrook, some were less than excited to see James Charles at the New York City Pride parade. Some even took to Twitter, trolling James Charles’ outfit.

“I just don’t understand why it’s necessary to get all dramatically dressed like that. Like I’m glad you’re going to something you support but there’s no reason to stick out like a sore thumb. It’s just a publicity stunt,” said one Twitter user.

Nevertheless, another Twitter user supported Charles for marching with The Trevor Project, stating she “was never a James Charles fan just because I’m older and whatever but we walked 3.9 miles together in NYC at pride, and he’s so sweet! …Side by side next to him and he was all smiles all the way! [He] gained a sister.”

For more information on The Trevor Project, visit their website.

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