Im A Celebs Georgia Toffolos self-esteem crisis over health battle

Im A Celebs Georgia Toffolos self-esteem crisis over health battle


Georgia Toffolo, also known as Toff, opened up on the furious self-hatred she felt towards herself due to her “all-consuming” historic battle with acne.

The Made in Chelsea star bravely soldiered on through a gruelling jungle trial this week, which involved climbing below a manhole cover and crawling through an insect-infested sewer, and went on to collect an impressive eight stars for her campmates.

However, Georgia revealed last year that if she hadn’t resolved her acne battle, she might never have had the confidence to start a showbiz career at all.

“I had such a horrendously low opinion of myself. It was like hatred, anger, why, why do you have this [problem]?” she explained as part of her 2022 documentary for ITV, In Search Of Perfect Skin.

In a bid to “fake the confidence I didn’t have inside”, the I’m A Celeb beauty admitted she used to wake up hours before everyone else to try to hide the blemishes on her skin.

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“I was living in such fear of someone finding out how severe it was,” the 28-year-old grimaced.

“I was getting up three hours early – layers, powder, more concealer, constantly faking the confidence that I didn’t have inside.”

She added during a subsequent appearance on the Lorraine show: “‘I don’t think I would have had the confidence to do my career because of my acne before.”

Despite a happy and financially privileged childhood, during which she showed an aptitude for competitive tennis and even trained at the club where Sue Barker began her career, Georgia was blighted by acne when she turned 13.

Disappointingly for Georgia, she didn’t grow out of it when she left her teens behind, and she was desperately trying to hide it even while appearing on Made in Chelsea.

She told Glamour magazine: “I massively hid my skin problems from the world and then fast forward to the jungle when I had to bare all.”

Georgia found herself being trolled online and cruelly branded “pizza face”, but her debut on I’m A Celebrity back in 2017 proved to be the start of her journey to self-acceptance.

She won the series and declared afterwards: “Once everyone had seen me at my worst after the jungle, or at least that’s how I perceived it in my head, I decided to take control.”

The Celebs Go Dating star has decided to be open about her battle to raise awareness for others experiencing the same woes.

“I still wear makeup but I’m no longer hiding behind pot after pot of foundation or endless filters on Instagram,” she revealed, adding: “If only I could have told myself to accept my skin 10 years ago.”

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