I Need Rebel Wilson's Black Zip-Up Swimsuit  in My Life Immediately

I Need Rebel Wilson's Black Zip-Up Swimsuit in My Life Immediately


Rebel Wilson’s Memorial Day Weekend was officially better than mine. Mostly because I woefully stared out my window in a rain storm while surrounded by un-worn swimsuits and she was out here on the beach looking amazing in this sexy zip-up one piece:


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Becuase you definitely want this suit in your life, it seems to be the Farrah Bonded Swimsuit by Lisa Marie Fernandez, which you can snag for $395:

Def channeling Rebel this summer with this swimsuit vibe! FYI, the actress has been embarking on a “year of health” through 2020 and 2021, and says it’s had a positive impact on her life. As she put it, “For the last few years, I’ve been theme-ing my years. So I had the ‘Year of Fun,’ last year I had the ‘Year of Love,’ and this year it’s gonna be the ‘Year of Health’ because I turned 40 this year in March. I never really focused on my health, which was probably obvious. I was going all around the world jet-setting everywhere and eating a ton of sugar. That was kind of my vice. I have a very sweet tooth. I love desserts.”

She also added that she’s coming into her own with her career. “I feel more in control,” she said. “I get to produce movies now — which is amazing — and have more control over the content. Everything seems to be coming together. Maybe I was a late bloomer or something, but I’m slowly getting it together.”

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