Holly Willoughby falls down stairs in dramatic Celebrity Juice mishap

Holly Willoughby falls down stairs in dramatic Celebrity Juice mishap


Holly Willoughby falls over during Celebrity Juice challenge

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Holly Willoughby, 41, took a tumble down the stairs as she grappled with co-star Fearne Cotton, leading celebrity guest Will Mellor to clutch fearfully onto Emily Atack’s hand, worrying she’d seriously hurt herself. The chaos took place during the filming of the final episode of Celebrity Juice, which airs tonight at 10pm.

Holly rushed after Fearne in hot pursuit as the pair competed in a game that involved grabbing pieces of cardboard while running through the audience.

The pair playfully grappled, only for Holly to end up tumbling down the stairs backwards while fellow celebrities looked on in horror.

Fortunately, she was okay – and the footage of their epic game-filled party is expected to air tonight when Celebrity Juice: A Happy Ending hits the airwaves.

Holly and Fearne were the original team captains and opted to return for a single episode to honour the ending of the much-loved ITV show.

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After fighting with Fearne to secure the cardboard, Holly then grabbed hold of Chris Ramsey, only to end up falling backwards on the floor.

Despite her mishap, Holly looked sensational in a blue and black striped trouser suit by Alice + Olivia.

Meanwhile, Keith Lemon, whose real name is Leigh Francis, admitted he was feeling nostalgic and had even been reduced to tears as the group filmed their final sequence.

He added jokingly that he felt aged when he learnt that Maya Jama had been an avid follower of the show since the age of seven.

“Not sure what a seven-year-old is doing watching Juice, she should’ve been in bed – but yeah, that made me feel old,” he revealed.

Keith explained that the part at the end where he became emotional is unlikely to have made the final cut.

“I was in some kind of emotional bubble. It was a bit like a dream, but I was trying to cherish the day,” he mused.

“[Then] I came off stage and just hugged my wife and teared up.”

He reminisced over the good times he’d had with fellow celebrities, including Kelly Brook, with whom he filmed a movie, and his pal Mel B.

Keith added that when Holly and Fearne had first joined the show, they’d already been close friends, and that he loved their mischief-making.

“We were like this dysfunctional family,” he chuckled nostalgically.

“It was rude, naughty, not everyone’s cuppa but at its core there was a lot of heart in that show!”

Meanwhile, Keith isn’t letting the grass grow under his feet despite the end of Celebrity Juice.

He’s recording a podcast called Back Then When with pal Lucie Cave, in a bid to cover more nostalgic ground, and he also has designs on doing an art show.

Then there’s his YouTube channel, Keith Lemon’s Doings, plus his ambitions to entertain in live stage shows, so it’s unlikely the public have seen the last of him yet.

Celebrity Juice: The Happy Ending will air on Thursday 8th December at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX, while Celebrity Juice: The Last Hurrah will air on Thursday 15th December at 10pm.

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