Halsey Deletes Shocking Eating Disorder Throwback: I Didn’t Mean to Hurt Anyone!

Halsey Deletes Shocking Eating Disorder Throwback: I Didn’t Mean to Hurt Anyone!


As many go through the holidays struggling with worries about their weight, Halsey shared a photo of herself at her lowest point.

What resulted was a clash between Halseys’ defenders and eating disorder sufferers who say that she put teens in danger.

Halsey was asked a mind-boggling question by a fan on Instagram — challenged to post a photo at her “lowest point.”

She shared a throwback photo, one that has since been deleted (thankfully), of her when she was extremely skinny.

“TW: ED, ask for help,” she captioned the pic.

“TW: ED” means “Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder,” and is intended to caution anyone from viewing the post.

However, because of the nature of Instagram, just about anyone struggling with disordered eating who is vulnerable to triggers from Halsey’s throwback would see the photo even before they read her warning.

As a result, Halsey was bombarded with backlash, prompting her to delete the image and issue an apology.

“TW: disordered eating I am very sorry for posting a photo of myself depicting my struggle with ED without a sufficient trigger warning,” Halsey then tweeted over the holiday weekend.

“I was very nervous to post it and didn’t think properly,” she explained. Anxiety can interfere with judgment in many ways.

“I had positive intentions,” Halsey assured her fans and followers. “I would never want to harm someone who shares my struggle.”

“With that being said,” Halsey continued in a follow-up tweet, “I’m gonna log off now.”

She opted to step back from social media temporarily “because this has turned into something I am not emotionally equipped to handle for the time being.”

Halsey concluded her tweet with: “I hope that’s okay.”

Some remained furious with Halsey, taking to Twitter to express their ire.

“halsey posting a bodycheck on her Instagram story with “tw: ed” on top of it with no actual chance to read the trigger warning first …. ???? your audience is mainly young girls wtf are you doing”

Alternative pop rock band Transviolet took to Twitter in Halsey’s defense, however.

“People really need to stop expecting entertainers to manage everyone’s emotions for them, it’s awful. they aren’t therapists.”

Transviolet’s tweets continued: “They get triggered and they get overwhelmed and they have trauma like everyone else. i hate cancel culture it’s so annoying.”

(Note that “cancel culture” is a fairly useless term because it means such different things to different people — does it mean accountability for rapists, or cyberbullying vulnerable famous women for clout?)

“i think ya’ll need to take a seat, sit with yourselves and really think about what kind of culture/community you are creating,” Transviolet suggested.

The band’s tweet continued: “by demanding that everyone say something in the exact perfect way before starting the conversation.”

“We are going to end up in a very isolated place where everyone is afraid of ever being vulnerable/saying the wrong thing if we aren’t careful,” Transviolet expressed.

The band’s Twitter account continued by expressing: “That’s sad to me.”

Consequences are well and good, but they need to be proportionate. Someone using a slur and someone indelicately sharing their own struggles are not the same thing.

“And if you’re truly triggered by something, you have every right to communicate that,” Transviolet noted.

“But take a breath, realize you’ve been triggered, and do your best to communicate that compassionately,” their Twitter thread continued.

The series of tweets concluded: “So you aren’t re- traumatizing someone else who is hurting/shares your struggle.”

While we cannot say that we always agree with Transviolet’s tweets, they are not wrong about that. 

Survivors of disordered eating need to be able to share their struggles, as many have. Those currently battling disordered eating need to be able to be safe on social media without a trigger sending them spiraling.

Social media platforms need to enable users to more easily tag and blacklist posts so that everyone can safely navigate online spaces. That’s not on Halsey or on her teenage critics.

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