Hairy Bikers Si King splits from Australian fiancée he was planning to marry this year

Hairy Bikers Si King splits from Australian fiancée he was planning to marry this year


The Hairy Bikers: Si King discusses his struggle with illness

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Si King, 54, has reportedly split from Australian cook, Michele Cranston. The pair were supposed to marry later this year.

Si met chef Michelle in 2018, while filming in Australia.

They had been flying back and forth to Australia once a month, to continue their relationship, according to The Mirror.

The Hairy Bikers star previously revealed he was planning to move to Australia to spend his life with Michelle.

He popped the question during a romantic meal in Northern California. has contacted a representative for Si for comment.

Si is a very popular face on screens, first appearing on The Hairy Bikers Cookbook in 2004.

He was with his first wife Jane for 27 years before their marriage broke down.

In 2016, he spoke to the Daily Mail about the devastating break-up.

He said: “We lost each other.

“Jane was focused on the family and I was focused on work.

“The reality is the industry we work in is incredibly brutal.”

Jane was by his bedside when he suffered an intracranial aneurysm in 2014.

According to the NHS, an intracranial aneurysm, otherwise known as a brain aneurysm, is a bulge in a blood vessel caused by a weakness in the blood vessel wall.

Si’s partner in crime Dave Myers, has been happily married since 2011 to Romanian-born Liliana Orzac.

The duo are currently back on our screens on BBC Two with The Hairy Bikers Go North.

This new eight part series will see the pair travel from the west coast to the east in the North of England.

They will begin their journey in Lancashire, travelling through destinations such as Northumberland, Cumbria, and Derbyshire.

Their shows have been a huge success since their TV debut over a decade ago.

As well as TV, the pair have also written 20 cookbooks and created a range of sauces for supermarkets.

You can watch The Hairy Bikers Go North on BBC2 at 8pm on Thursdays.

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