Gutted Freddie Flintoff opens up on why he didnt go to Iceland with Top Gear co-hosts

Gutted Freddie Flintoff opens up on why he didnt go to Iceland with Top Gear co-hosts


Top Gear: Freddie Flintoff takes on terrifying Wall of Death

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Freddie Flintoff, 43, has opened up on why he didn’t take part in the Top Gear Iceland episode, which saw his co-hosts Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris jet off abroad. Instead, the former professional cricketer stayed at home after having been pinged by the NHS app.

I had to spend ten days self-isolating in my basement

Freddie Flintoff

In a new interview, he revealed he had to spend the 10-day isolation period in his basement just incase he developed coronavirus.

“It was down to Jamie Redknapp getting Covid,” he explained of his A League of Their Own co-star.

“I’d been close to him, so I got pinged the day before we were due to leave.

“I didn’t get it but I had to spend 10 days self-isolating in my basement.”

Freddie admitted he was “gutted”, but there was an upside to his torment.

“I did get to watch every series of Dexter,” he grinned.

But back to cars, Freddie revealed Top Gear has a real “responsibility to reflect green awareness”.

“It’s a natural evolution,” he told Radio Times.

“If people are moving to electric cars, we’ll review more of them.

“It’s exciting because we’ll get the chance to do crazy things in all these new cars coming out over the next few years.”

But he admitted he won’t be making the change over just yet, as he suffers from “range anxiety”.

“We’ll all eventually be in them, but I won’t get one until the range and the infrastructure to charge them improves,” Freddie explained of the distance a car can travel before the battery needs to be re-charged.

“I loved driving the electric Polestar in the show, but I get range anxiety.

“Not knowing if I was going to get to where I was going killed it for me,” he shuddered.

Like his co-star Paddy, Freddie revealed he drives a family car away from the show but he’s got his eyes set on something else.

“I need a big family car, so we’ve got a Range Rover,” he said.

“I’ve had a hybrid before, which I liked, and Kia’s new electric EV6 is one of the best-looking cars I’ve ever seen.

“It’s beautiful!”

He added: “If they could get the range right, I’d go for that.”

Freddie’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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