Go to bed! BBC Breakfasts Rachel Burden called out after awkward Twitter blunder

Go to bed! BBC Breakfasts Rachel Burden called out after awkward Twitter blunder


BBC Breakfast: Rachel Burden nearly gives out wrong number

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Rachel Burden had been announcing the stories that would be discussed the following morning on BBC 5 Live, but a string of typos made her tweet almost nonsensical. The BBC Radio 5 Live host, 47, took to the platform last night to promise to address “two big political stories,” on the show, before going on to make the errors and being advised to get some sleep by Twitter users.

How will Keri Starmer respond to his olive questionnaire?

Rachel Burden

In view of her 92,000 followers she went on: “Did the PM uphold the ministerial code?”

Then she launched into her second question, asking: “How will Keri Starmer respond to his olive questionnaire?” (sic)

Fellow Twitter user @DJFreeRange hit back at the bizarre post with a cry of: “Go to bed Rachel.”

The shamefaced star retweeted the comment, admitting: “Yes I think you’re right.”

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She later updated her post with the hashtag #WinTheTypos.

Other topics to be discussed included how listeners had been affected by “the ongoing nightmare at airports”.

Rachel had also promised she’d also be focusing on Scotland v Ukraine and “#PlattyJoobs memorabilia”.

Other Twitter users responded too to comment on her blunders.

“Oi Keri, love. Did you get your olive thingy, bach???” @beckyland joked.

@craic_horse joined in with his own wordplay, assuring Rachel: “I’ll make sure to tuna in to Radio Hive in the moaning then.”

@PhilipClare1 declared: “Predictive tixt can be reeely orkward.” (sic)

@robertreed10 chimed in: “Blame it on the 4 pm working wine time!”

@helenlclarke laughed: “Well, I did wonder……..#olives.”

Readers had been joking that Rachel might have been up past her bedtime during her evening posting session, as she is usually presenting early between 6am and 9am.

If so, she will have the opportunity to get some rest this week.

Earlier, she had tweeted: “I’m quite excited about a 3 day week coming up.

“Whilst FULLY acknowledging those people working right through the long bank holiday weekend.”

Last week, Rachel had referenced another BBC blunder, when someone receiving instructions on how to use the ticker had inadvertently publicised to the world that “Manchester United are rubbish”.

Bewildered viewers had discovered the unorthodox comment during an episode of BBC News and Sport.

Fortunately for the 5 Live and Breakfast star, the blunder had not happened on one of her shows.

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