Gabby Logans husband finds out she had ‘two boyfriends at same time’

Gabby Logans husband finds out she had ‘two boyfriends at same time’


Gabby Logan’s husband Kenny discusses her audiobook

After almost 22 years of marriage and even longer together, you wouldn’t think that broadcaster Gabby Logan, 49, and her former rugby player husband Kenny, 51, would still be able to shock each other but it appears that is not the case. Last October Gabby published her biography The First Half in which she was extremely candid about her life. Indeed, some of the revelations were so exclusive that they even managed to surprise Kenny.

Appearing as a guest on Gabby’s podcast The Mid Point the intention was that the real-life couple, who have been married since July 2001, would follow the theme of the episode The Empty Nest.

However, Gabby was tempted to ask if Kenny had been shocked reading her autobiography.

He confessed that he had listened to the audiobook, which was read by Gabby, and he enjoyed it.

He then revealed: “I didn’t realise you two boyfriends at the same time.

“That was a bit of a shock,” he admitted “It was a shock to the kids too,” he laughed.

Gabby and Kenny are parents to 17-year-old twins Reuben and Lois.

They were born in 2005 after the couple underwent IVF treatment.

He continued to talk about it as Gabby tried to interject, but he was on a roll.

“You had two boyfriends. It’s called two-timing,” he stated.

He did later concede however that: “There’s loads of snippets I knew about, but there’s nothing that really shocked me.”

The book was published last October and alongside the revelation about two boyfriends Gabby wrote about a fling with a married Olympian while she was in her teens.

She also found herself threatened with legal action by pundit Richard Keys in relation to recollections in the tome.

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She claimed that he and fellow pundit Andy Gray joked about refusing to have sex with pregnant women in her presence when she was expecting twins.

Gabby alleged that the incident happened on a flight she took for the Champions League final with the pair back in 2005.

She was covering the match for ITV and was sat in the row behind Keys and Gray on the plane to Turkey ahead of the fixture.

She claimed that she was left “embarrassed” after overhearing a conversation between the pair in which they discussed the topic of sleeping with pregnant women.

“I was seven months pregnant with twins, and I was huge, I looked like I’d swallowed a space hopper,” she wrote in her book.

She went on to claim that the comments in question were made by Keys in full earshot of herself and the other passengers in the vicinity.

“I was embarrassed, of course, and thought their comments were especially cruel, bearing in mind they both had children and wives of their own,” she added.

Keys took to Twitter in October 2022 to deny the claims. He added that he had “referred the matter to lawyers with a view to proceeding with libel action”.

The Mid Point with Gabby Logan is available on Apple Podcasts

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