Futures Mystery Lady Identified After His Post and Delete

Futures Mystery Lady Identified After His Post and Delete


After some digging, social media users manage to find the mystery lady in the ‘Turn On the Lights’ rapper’s now-deleted post as she shares a similar picture on her own account.

AceShowbizFuture‘s mystery lady is not a mystery anymore. After he raised eyebrows with his quick post and delete featuring an unknown woman, the girl in the image has been identified, thanks to Internet sleuths.

On Friday, December 31, the “Move That Dope” hitmaker shared several throwback photos on his Instagram Story as he reflected on some of his best moments in 2021. One of the images, interestingly, featured a girl posing with a bird on her hand as she squatted with the backdrop of the desert. The woman’s face was mostly covered with only her eyes showing as she wore a wrap around her face and her hoodie on.

It, however, didn’t take too long for social media users to locate the woman in question as she posted a similar picture on her own feed. The woman wrote Drie as her name on her Instagram bio and listed “entrepreneur” and “store owner” as her job.

While Future’s picture of the woman was in black and white, hers was colorful. She also tagged Dubai desert as the location where the photo was taken, hinting that she and Future recently spent time together in United Arab Emirates. “Stay true to yourself, an original is worth more than a copy,” she captioned her snaps, which also featured a breathtaking view of the sunset.

Fans of Future have since greeted her in the comments section. “O hello we found you,” one cheeky user wrote. Another claimed, “Found her.” A third remarked, “Oh this you? thanks shaderoom,” as someone else warned her, “Girlllll don’t do it ! Save urself the break up after 2 months.”

Neither Future nor Drie has explained their relationship status as the rapper has quickly deleted the Story featuring her.

The dating rumors aside, Future recently teamed up with Kanye West to throw a last-minute New Year’s Eve party hosted by Justin LaBoy in Miami.

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