Former UFC Fighter Saved Children Trapped In Car Wreck That Killed Their Mother

Former UFC Fighter Saved Children Trapped In Car Wreck That Killed Their Mother


A comedian and former UFC star became a genuine action hero when he rescued three kids from a devastating car wreck that killed their mother.

Brendan Schaub (above) was driving to a restaurant with his girlfriend in Encino, California on August 12 around 7 p.m. when he saw that a 2003 Lincoln had crashed into an 18-wheeler. He said he saw a child sitting on top of the Lincoln, screaming for help — so he pulled over and rushed to the vehicle.

As the stand-up comic darted to the wreck, he said he saw a shoeless man running from the car; the 31-year-old was crossing the highway when he was struck by another car and was left stunned on the ground.

This man turned out to be the father of the kids, who was later arrested for murder, as he allegedly intentionally caused the crash by driving on the wrong side of the highway. According to law enforcement, the father was combative with cops and had to be tased.

After arriving at the wreck, Schaub busted out a window in order to remove the remaining three kids from inside the vehicle. To make matters scarier, he said the 18-wheeler’s gas tank was punctured, spilling gasoline all over the road.

The four children and their father only suffered minor injuries, but tragically Brendan said he found the mother of the kids, Aimee García (above, insert), dead in the front seat when he arrived. While recounting the experience on his podcast (below), The Fighter and The Kid, the former athlete said he made sure her children didn’t see their mother’s body as they left the car.

Aimee’s family launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a funeral, claiming that she was a “victim of domestic violence” and that her husband “intentionally” crashed the car. The page read:

“My niece Aimee García (26) was Killed In Wrong-Way Driving Collision With Big Rig On 101 Freeway In Encino. She leaves behind four beautiful children all under the age of 8… She was a loving, caring mother unfortunately she was a victim of domestic violence for many years and yesterday the aggressor fulfilled his objective and enter the freeway the wrong way intentionally killing my niece. Thank God the children are fine but very traumatized.”

The fundraiser has already racked up over $50,000 in donations, surpassing its goal of $30,000.

It’s all so incredibly gut-wrenching, but at least Schaub arrived before the situation turned into an even bigger tragedy. Our hearts go out to the victim’s loved ones.

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