Farrah Abraham’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Sophia Sparks Concern With Makeup Review Video

Farrah Abraham’s 10-Year-Old Daughter Sophia Sparks Concern With Makeup Review Video


The ‘Teen Mom’ alum’s daughter shared a video of her reviewing an eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills after slamming ‘haters’ in a separate Instagram post.

AceShowbizFarrah Abraham‘s daughter Sophia has gotten her fans worried with her latest video on Instagram. The 10-year-old girl, who has been going to adult events with her reality TV star mom in the recent weeks, took to the photo-sharing site to share a video of her doing a makeup review.

In the video, Sophia could be seen saying to the camera, “Hi, guys! It’s me Sophia with PrismPop. Today, I’m going to be reviewing Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Alyssa Edwards.” She then proceeded to skilfully put the eyeliner on her eye, doing a devil and angel-concept eye makeup.

Fans in the comment section couldn’t help but feel bad for her because she’s way too young to do this. One concerned fan wrote, “My daughter is 10 and trust me she is not wearing makeup. You need to live as a child and enjoy the things little girls do. Mine is currently into American girl dolls and GOING TO SCHOOL.”

Another user dragged Farrah into her comment, accusing the former “Teen Mom” star of using her daughter for money. “So we are supposed to take makeup tips from a 10 year old? Please let this child be a child and not a pawn to make Farrah money,” the person said. One other wondered why she wasn’t in school like any other kids around her age, adding, “Her mother needs help and fast she’s going to mess up her kid real bad where is CPS.”

“That looks awful. How could a mother let her daughter look like that? My daughter is 14 and does not wear makeup. Be a little girl,” urged one person. Worrying about Sophia’s wellbeing, one user wrote, “I hope you’re getting enough sleep, the dark circles and the sleepy eyes are concerning to me.”

Prior to this, Sophia slammed her haters in a separate post. When you see yourself in photos for #fashionweek on the cover of Vogue next #byehaters,” she wrote alongside a photo of her donning a gorgeous white dress. “Go Sophia! Proud of you! Keep it up,” Farrah commented.

“10 yr olds don’t have ‘haters’. Why would anyone encourage that?!” one comment read. Meanwhile, someone else added, “Okay great job Sofia.. p.s your too young to even discuss hate relax! You look beautiful.”

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