Everything Id hoped for Eddie Redmayne gushes on Jessica Chastain

Everything Id hoped for Eddie Redmayne gushes on Jessica Chastain


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The Fantastic Beasts star gushed about his co-worker as he arrived on the red carpet for The Good Nurse gala at the London Film Festival. Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain have garnered an adorable relationship on set, with the actor revealing that even their children became friends. 

In their latest film, Eddie and Jessica star as Charlie Cullen and Amy Loughren, a killer doctor and the nurse that aided police in catching him. 

Based on a true story, the red carpet had a somewhat somber atmosphere until the stars appeared. 

Equally fashionable, the pair laughed and joked with each other while taking photos, and once Eddie went to speak to fans and reporters, Jessica even cosied up to his wife. 

The actor gushed about his co-star saying: “She was everything I hoped for and more. 

“A wonderful person, extraordinarily hardworking, funny and a great mum. 

“Our kids were of similar ages so they hung out a lot.”

While both Oscar winners have been circling the same Hollywood sphere for years, they only properly met two years ago at a children’s film festival in Italy. 

The pair have reportedly been good friends ever since, with fans often making light of their remarkably similar appearance. 

While promoting their new film, Jessica revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she had a hand in the fun too when Eddie played the red-headed lead in The Danish Girl. 

She said: “I took a picture of you in costume and character and I emailed Eddie and I said: ‘Stop taking my roles b***h’!”

The Good Nurse director, Tobias Lindholm, also hailed the two stars saying at the gala: “They’re the best actors in the generation so I’m the lucky guy!”

The film tells the sinister true story of Charlie Cullen and Amy Loughren, the latter herself had a hand in the production. 

Eddie praised her, saying he would never understand “how complicated this whole thing must be for Amy” and revealed that she greatly helped him form his character. 

The film first started production during the pandemic, with many of the cast and crew meeting on Zoom long before they saw each other in person. 

During this time, Eddie and Amy were able to have great, in-depth conversations about the character, and the former nurse was determined to ensure Eddie portrayed him in the best way possible. 

He said: “It was really important to Amy to reaffirm that this guy was genuinely kind, emphatic and self-deprecating. He used this humour about how shoddy his home life was.”

Amy also candidly told Eddie that she had “only ever met the murderer twice” showcasing just how different the real Charles could be in different situations. 

Tobias also sang Amy’s praises, not just for coming forward with her story and being so collaborative in the film’s creation, but also as an individual for what she did to help apprehend Charles. 

While discussing the power systems that allowed Charles to commit his crimes for over a decade, the director said: “I’m not saying systems are all wrong, all I want to bring to the table is that you and I as individuals have the ability to question and stand up against it if we see anything is wrong. 

“Amy is the perfect example.”

The Good Nurse releases on Netflix on October 21.

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