Emily Ratajkowski Scared of People Just Making Blurred Lines About Sexual Assault Allegation

Emily Ratajkowski Scared of People Just Making Blurred Lines About Sexual Assault Allegation


The ‘Gone Girl’ actress insists, while she was groped by Robin Thicke, she actually had ‘a really good time’ and ‘a lot of fun’ on set of the singer’s music video.

AceShowbizEmily Ratajkowski shared her experience with Robin Thicke on the set of the “Blurred Lines” video in her new book because she wasn’t happy with her defiant reaction to the promo’s backlash.

The model and actress danced topless in the risque footage and, when critics savaged it as being exploitative, Emily insisted she had never felt so empowered on a set.

Then, in an extract from her new book, “My Body“, which was leaked to the media last month (Oct21), she claimed Thicke groped her while they were shooting the video and he was reprimanded by director Diane Martel.

“That video got a lot of criticism… and I was really defiant and said, ‘Actually, I had a good time. It was empowering,’ ” Emily told The View. “That just wasn’t the whole reality of the story.”

“I think that that’s a perfect example of why I decided to include it in the book. It just exemplifies what I’m trying to say: it can be both. It can be both an incredibly fun experience, it brought me fame, it brought me success. There was also a moment where nobody could say anything. We were a bunch of women who were working and easily replaceable. I knew that there was a younger, prettier girl who would happily do the music video instead of me.”

“But it’s the reason I’m here, in some ways. It’s the reason so many people are hopefully going to read this book. It’s complicated, and I was scared of people just making it about a sexual assault allegation and not really listening to the whole story. I hope people read the whole essay.”

She added, “I think that the important thing about that story and that essay is that the set was filled with women. It was an incredible female director, cinematographer. I actually had a really good time. I was having a lot of fun, compared to other jobs I was doing at 20. This was a group of women, I was dancing around, I was being goofy.”

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