Duchess Meghan dressed up Lili as Flower from Bambi for Halloween

Duchess Meghan dressed up Lili as Flower from Bambi for Halloween


We’re finally seeing some clips from the Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres. A thought occurred to me, a memory: remember when the Countess of Wessex said that no one in the UK knows who Oprah Winfrey is? Now imagine that, only with Ellen. You could make a better argument, perhaps, that Ellen is less known in the UK than Oprah, I think. Oprah’s show was syndicated around the world, and Oprah’s persona is a lot bigger and more significant than Ellen’s. Still, Ellen is a big deal… to advertisers, to the American media market. But I guess we’ll hear a lot about how no one in the UK knows who Ellen is as these desperados try to play catch-up.

Here’s a clip of Meghan talking about Halloween in Montecito and how Lili Diana was dressed up as a little skunk and Archie didn’t last long in his costume.

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) November 18, 2021

Meghan also talked about The Bench and the inspiration behind it and how she wanted the book to be inclusive.

Despite the saltines’ darkest fears, of course this was not some tell-all interview. Ellen doesn’t roll like that and I’m sure Meghan told Ellen’s producers that she wasn’t interested in recounting the horrors or addressing any of the current royal storylines. This was always going to be a light, happy appearance, part promotion and part brand-management.

Omid Scobie also reports that Meghan and Ellen did a “prank” on some vendors, including “Nashville mom Brittany Sparks who founded an initiative to braid kids’ hair for free to boost their confidence before heading back to school.”

Photos & screencaps courtesy of The Ellen Show.

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