Duchess Kate steps out in a Sandro dress for another garden event

Duchess Kate steps out in a Sandro dress for another garden event



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Today would have been Princess Diana’s 58th birthday. I still think about all of the stuff that would have happened had she lived. How different would her sons have been? How differently would we view Charles and Camilla? Would Diana have remarried? Would William and Harry have to deal with a stepfather? One thing I’ve always thought about is… Diana would not have liked Carole Middleton. Diana might have liked Kate, might have even supported William marrying Kate. But Diana would not have liked Carole’s attempts to mother HER son, nor would she appreciate the “social climbing.”

Anyway, the Duchess of Cambridge chose to mark the occasion in a quiet, subtle way by spending time with children. Kate hosted an event at the Royal Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, where her Chelsea Flower Show garden (the “Back to Nature” garden she co-designed) was moved over. Kate hosted children associated with some of her patronages: the Anna Freud Centre, Evelina Children’s Hospital, Action for Children and Place2Be.

For today’s activities, Kate wore this Sandro dress which currently retails for £182 (it’s on sale but it will probably sell out today). It’s a cute little summer dress in a bluish green tone that Kate favors. She also wore wedges, which… I don’t mind so much in this particular context. Would sneakers have been better? Sure. But she loves her wedges and they’re fine here. And no buttons! I feel like it’s been a while since we even had a button sighting.

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