Disneyland Brawl Family Facing Serious Prison Time For Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

Disneyland Brawl Family Facing Serious Prison Time For Domestic Violence, Child Abuse


You probably saw the now infamous viral video of that massive fight at Disneyland a couple weeks ago.

A family chose to hash out some interpersonal conflicts in a brutal brawl that lasted several minutes before a crowd of onlookers finally shut it down by subduing the main aggressor until security eventually showed up.

If you haven’t yet seen the disturbing footage, here it is — but be warned, it does get pretty violent:

If you were one of the thousands who watched the vid and were appalled at the shameless public display of domestic violence and hoped justice would be served, we have good news.

The District Attorney of Mickey’s Toontown is showing no leniency!

OK, for real though, it’s the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, and they’ve cracked down on the family members who couldn’t even keep from committing horrible acts while at the Happiest Place on Earth. Now two men and one woman are facing time behind very real bars for their roles in the mayhem — for one man, quite a bit of time.

According to a news release, 35-year-old Las Vegas resident Avery Robinson is now facing nine misdemeanor charges and FIVE felonies!

Multiple people can be seen in the video throwing punches and pulling hair, but none more than Robinson, whom you can see below in the pinkish red T-shirt.

Aside from the acts of physical violence — largely directed at women — that we all clearly saw him commit, Robinson is also accused of threatening to kill one of his family members and attempting to hit a Disney employee with his car on the way out.

He’s been charged with domestic battery, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, and two counts of criminal threats — and misdemeanor battery and child abuse and endangerment.

Yeah, that’s right. They had children RIGHT THERE who easily could have been injured, not to mention other people’s children all over the place.

Avery’s sister, Andrea Nicole Robinson, 40, faces the next highest number of charges, all misdemeanor assault and battery.

And finally her husband, Daman Petrie, 40, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of battery.

According to reports, the family tried to deny ever having been involved in the skirmish — until video was produced.

Speaking of that video…

Can we just say real quick, it takes security WAY too long to show up. In the time it takes, this brawl — ugly as it was — could have gotten a lot worse.

We assume Disney is worried about how it will look to have guards posted all over the place, that it would ruin the ambience.

Maybe they could walk around in Donald Duck heads?

As of this writing, Robinson is being held in Orange County Jail awaiting arraignment. He could get a maximum sentence of seven years, four months if convicted on all counts.

That’s a long wait — and you don’t even get to ride Splash Mountain at the end.

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