Chappelle Inducts Jay-Z Into Rock & Roll HOF, Yuks It Up with Sarandos

Chappelle Inducts Jay-Z Into Rock & Roll HOF, Yuks It Up with Sarandos


Dave Chappelle is still being cheeky about his Netflix special controversy — taking his act to the Rock & Roll HOF this weekend, and getting facetime with none other than Ted Sarandos.

The comedian helped induct Jay-Z into the Hall Saturday down in Cleveland, where he was one of the few who kicked off the introduction — alongside folks like Barack Obama, who also delivered remarks — and DC opened with a line that directly touched on “The Closer.”

He started by whipping out a piece of paper and reading from it, saying … “I would like to apologize,” cut himself off and then said, “nah, I’m just f***ing with ya.” Everyone laughed.

Dave didn’t discuss it much beyond that — but he did sing HOV’s praises … talking about the impressive ascension he’s made in life, going from drug dealer to rapper to bona fide mogul. Of course, there were jokes sprinkled in along the way — and Dave was very well-received.

That’s not all, though — it looks like Netflix’s CEO was also on hand for the festivities, and he actually bumped into Dave backstage … where they shook hands and shared a few words. Some reports say Dave and Ted were even seen laughing together at one point as well.

They also posed for a photo together — and Mr. Dave Grohl himself joined in on the fun … squeezing his way in and cheesin’. It’s quite obvious … Dave is nowhere near “canceled” as he incredulously alluded to last weekend over his comments on the LGBT community.

Obviously, he’s still got many, many friends in Hollywood — and he’s considered in high enough regard to get booked for something like this … where an ex-Prez (a Democratic one, no less) was among them too, albeit via video — BO beamed in with a video message.

If you can show your face around Barry and friends, you’re probably going to be just fine.

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