Carol Vorderman strips down to bikini and furry boots in freezing cold for cryotherapy

Carol Vorderman strips down to bikini and furry boots in freezing cold for cryotherapy


Carol Vorderman takes on below-freezing temperatures for cryotherapy

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Carol Vorderman, 60, has shared details of her frosty day with her Instagram followers, as she took part in a cryotherapy treatment. The television personality underwent the treatment in a bikini and fur boots, in an excruciating -196C chill.

Getting FROZEN in a bikini.

Carol Vorderman

The star kept her fans updated on her treatment, filming it and posting it for her 158,000 followers to see.

According to the NHS, cryotherapy is a method of freezing which uses a substance called liquid nitrogen.

The freezing temperatures target cells, while destroying unwanted lesions.

Her hair sported messy waves, while she held a gloved hand over her black bikini top.

She captioned the picture: “Getting FROZEN in a bikini.”

Carol then shared a video of herself in the cryotherapy machine, screaming while looking at the temperature dial.

The lady who was filming the star then shouted: “Don’t look at the numbers.”

To take her mind off the freezing temperatures Carol began to tell a story about a day when she was lying on a warm beach in Wales.

She said: “And I thought I would get in the water, but it wasn’t as cold as this.”

Carol went on to update her followers on what she was wearing.

She captioned the video: “bikini… furry boots and gloves.

“3 minutes to get through.”

Carol was constantly walking on the spot to distract herself from how cold she was.

She even sang Feeling Hot Hot Hot by The Merrymen to convince herself she was actually warm.

Thankfully, a countdown began to the end of the treatment and Carol was let free from the machine.

She titled the video: “Counting down #cryotherapy.”

The television personality also posted on her Instagram feed about it, as fans commented on how crazy the star was.

Theterrycox said: “Thought this was ‘extreme countdown’ for a second.”

Tobycrozier said: “Is that how you look so young?”

Fans were also ecstatic to know one of Carol’s secrets to effortless skin at 60.

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