Cardi B POPS OFF On Reporter After Getting Ambushed! WATCH!

Cardi B POPS OFF On Reporter After Getting Ambushed! WATCH!


Cardi B goes HAM on a reporter after getting ambushed with an impromptu interview!

On Thursday, the Bodak Yellow rapper, her father, and baby Kulture went to a spa in Washington Heights where she was approached by El Gordo y La Flaca reporter Gelena Solano.

Needless to say, the musician did NOT appreciate being filmed without her consent!

Though she was initially caught off guard, Cardi ended up POPPING OFF on the journalist who attempted to speak to her dad.

The CRAZY clip can be seen here:

After the incident, the MC went on Instagram Live to explain her outburst. She said:

“I love El Gordo y la Flaca, I love this show… but the way that you work, you lady, you are not professional! I’m literally getting off my car, the door is not even closed, and you see that I’m with my daughter and I’m with my dad and you put a camera. I turn around and there’s a camera and a mic in my mouth. You don’t know how to do your job!… That’s not how it works when I’m with my child.”

She added:

“My parents, they don’t like to be on camera. Back in the day I always used to post my parents and it got to the point that certain people were stalking me and that freaked my parents out… I really want to call her a bitch. She got in my dad’s way. Now if my dad was to punch her or shove her out of the way, he would be wrong. That’s when I came and I started bucking at her because I just told you: I don’t want my f**king parents on camera!”

However, in a statement to Peopleenespañ, Solano defended her actions, saying:

“In reality, we have regulations. I have been doing this for over 15 years. I will not start recording a baby without her mother’s consent, that never happened and I would never do it.”

While the reporter recognized her father, she did not recognize Cardi “because she wasn’t produced.”

Additionally, Solano — who is also Dominican — said she was polite throughout the entire ordeal.

“I asked her how she was, how she was feeling, and thanked her for being part of the Dominican Republic and defending Dominicans and she tells me that she is in no condition to talk, that I’m a woman like her and she was with her dad and daughter… I am a lady and I wasn’t going to start arguing with her or anyone else in the street…We never filmed images of her daughter and if she felt attacked, then I apologize to her.”

However, it appears Cardi has moved past the drama.

She later went on IG Live again, and apologized to Solano for putting her on blast.

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