Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Are "Considering Getting Back Together" and Having More Kids

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Are "Considering Getting Back Together" and Having More Kids


If happen to have “Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk getting back together to make more perfect-looking babies” on your 2022 bingo card then congratulations. Or, at least, potential/maybe congratulations, because it looks like that potentially/might be a thing that’s happening.

A source close to the exes told Page Six that they’re talking about getting together and that, if they do, it would likely be with the intention of growing their family (they already share five-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine). These talks appear to have gone down during their recent tropical vacation as a family, which Irina documented on Instagram, complete with a Bradley photo and everything.

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“It was a real family getaway and they are considering getting back together,” the Page Six source explained, adding that Irina “would like her daughter to have a sibling.”

Bradley and Irina were first linked back in spring of 2015 and, although they eventually split in June 2019, they’ve continued to coparent their daughter and respect each other as humans. Also neither of them have really been in a serious ‘ship with anyone else since their breakup—but the source would like to make it v clear that this fact does *not* mean that they’ve been secretly obsessing over each other in the meantime or anything.

“They both [Bradley and Irina] haven’t gotten serious with anyone else and they are both into the idea of having a kid,” the source said. “It’s not Bennifer 2.0 where the other person is always in the back of their head, it’s more like, ‘why not?’ They have to deal with each other anyway since they are parents together. They are both thinking, maybe it’s time to finally really settle in.”

Why not indeed?

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