Bow Wow faces backlash after body-shaming bikini-clad Wendy Williams

Bow Wow faces backlash after body-shaming bikini-clad Wendy Williams


Bow Wow‘s plan to mock Wendy Williams backfired.

Last week, Williams called out the 32-year-old rapper for publicly calling his ex, Ciara, a “bitch” — and it appears the former “Like Mike” star didn’t take too kindly to Williams’ comments. Days later, Bow Wow shared a photo of Williams, taken in September 2017, walking on the beach in a bikini and tweeted, “They say its a hot girl summer ?⚠️ ? ?.”

Unfortunately for Bow Wow, fans seemed to be on Williams’ side.

“Wendy flying in private jets while you posting google images and flying coach, beyloved,” tweeted one Williams defender.

“Stay away from her. Get a job,” wrote another fan.

“Sir, with all due disrespect, your entire life post 2006 has been a complex tapestry of L’s… I’d honestly recommend being as good a parent as you can be and literally nothing else,” responded another, who quickly racked up more than 700 likes on his tweet.

Williams didn’t address his comment on Monday’s show.

Williams had tried to teach Bow Wow a lesson for his rude comments against Ciara and ultimately dissed his subsequent dating life.

“It’s very distasteful. We’ve all had somebody before we had you, man. We’ve all lived, but to be shirtless in a club and calling her a ‘bitch,’ you were so wrong for that,” she said before calling him out for his relationship history. “… Going from Ciara to Erica Mena — where are we going with your track record? … Ciara made the right choice.”

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