Blake & Caelynn’s Fight On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Was Super Emotional

Blake & Caelynn’s Fight On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Was Super Emotional


Caelynn has made it no secret she’s upset about the way Blake treated her, and she finally got to tell him to his face on Bachelor in Paradise. The two had a sit-down to discuss their past with each other. But, that discussion very quickly escalated into a shouting match complete with tears. Blake and Caelynn’s fight on Bachelor in Paradise was super emotional and it shows just how complicated their relationship history is.

Blake and Caelynn have a history that dates back to before Bachelor in Paradise. This past spring, they dated and they spent the night together at the Stagecoach festival. However, the night before he had been with Kristina, and he also spent the festival flirting with Tayshia and Hannah G. Blake broke things off with Caelynn, but he told her that she was a "mistake." Caelynn was hurt by the entire situation, and she was even more hurt when she arrived in Paradise and Blake ignored her.

Once both Caelynn and Blake arrived in Paradise, Blake right away started pursuing relationships with people other than Caelynn. Caelynn felt like she needed to talk to Blake about everything that went down between them, and she finally got that chance during the second night.

As soon as Blake and Caelynn sat down for their one-on-one time, Caelynn confronted him by saying, "I just like feel really disrespected. Paradise sucks for me. This has not been fun. You’re having fun. I am like losing my mind here."

Even though Caelynn felt like she was losing her mind, Blake was totally oblivious.

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