BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark in ‘trouble’ with ‘poor wife’ following awkward move

BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark in ‘trouble’ with ‘poor wife’ following awkward move


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Chris Stark, 33, has revealed that he once got himself into “trouble” with his wife Ria earlier this year when they welcomed their baby boy. The BBC Radio 1 DJ got so “excited” about the birth that he wrote on Twitter that they had named their newborn “Troy” after Watford Football Club player Troy Deeney, and it quickly spread on social media.

I didn’t think much about it

Chris Stark

Chris exclusively told “I got so excited that I tweeted out my baby’s name was called after a Watford footballer, called Troy, and I didn’t think much about it.

”I just tweeted it, and then I got a call later on from a paper asking if it was true.”

Eventually, Chris’s friends also saw the tweet and began messaging Ria to ask if it was true.

He admitted: “I got in a load of trouble because my poor wife started getting messaged by people, it started going everywhere that my baby was named after this Watford player!”

Chris is a huge Watford FC fan and often talks passionately about his support for the club on the podcast he co-hosts with former footballer Peter Crouch.

He explained: ”It was basically a joke from the Peter Crouch Podcast I do, so that’s probably something I wouldn’t do again. 

“Though I did find it quite funny,” he added.

Although some parents during lockdown were not able to be present for the birth of their children, Chris was able to be at his wife’s side as they welcomed their son.

He shared: “By that point, the rules around labour were starting to change quite a lot, so there was different rules depending on what type of labour that you have.

“So I was fortunate enough to be there at the moment my baby was born, and a lot of people haven’t had that. 

“That would have been such a shame to not experience that, and I burst into tears as well, I can’t figure out why I just got really upset!”

The multi-talented star is now releasing his first-ever cookbook, Eat Sleep Zoom Reheat, which is aimed at university students and helps them get to grips with making nutritious dishes between classes.

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Chris said of his reasoning behind the concept: “I just wanted to make a student cookbook that was written by a student because when I looked into it and I had this idea, I found that student cookbooks were extremely phoney and incredibly patronising. 

“Frankly they didn’t seem to be written by students. So I just wanted to make something where if there is a student going to university, that’s exactly like me and doesn’t have a clue how to cook or just wanted a bit of inspiration, then at least they would get a book that’s written by someone that went.

“It’s just been really fun. I have never made anything like this.

“I’m really pleased we have managed to make it happen.”

Although many students will have lectures online this year, the DJ wanted to ensure that if they were spending more time in halls, they could have inspirational dishes to enjoy cooking.

He explained: “I’m trying to make a student cookbook on the one year students might not be going to uni.

“So it was a bold move, but the truth is I wanted to make the book for students, they might actually find more time for cooking as the nightlife will probably be different.

“I really hope it’s useful for some people, but it is going to be different, I mean even for me, I don’t think freshers is going to be the same.”

 Eat Sleep Zoom Reheat by Chris Stark, John Blake Publishing, out now. £9.99

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