Ariel Winter Once Called a W***e by Fans: That Was Rough

Ariel Winter Once Called a W***e by Fans: That Was Rough


After being criticized for so many reasons, the Alex Dunphy depicter on ‘Modern Family’ comes to conclusion that she will get doomed no matter what she does.

AceShowbizAriel Winter opened up about how fans reacted to her body changes. The actress, who is known for her role as Alex Dunphy on “Modern Family“, revealed on “Red Table Talk: The Estefans” that it led to her being body-shamed by some fans.

“I got called a fat s**t when I was 13. That was rough. Because I gained weight and my body changed, I had to wear different outfits and I wore a dress that had a cutout here,” she said, pointing to her chest. “And the headlines were dark. ‘Fat s**t’ was rough for me, and it continued.”

Ariel added that some fans couldn’t separate her and her character on the popular comedy series. “It was the fans, some of them — we have lovely, lovely fans, but some of them were also hard on me in the way they loved Alex Dunphy,” she explained. “And because I wasn’t Alex Dunphy and didn’t look like Alex, I didn’t want to dress like Alex… I was just different in that way. I’m not my character.”

“From them, they’re like, ‘How did you go from Alex Dunphy to being, like, a w***e? You’re trying to be sexy, you’re 13, you’re a horrible role model, ‘ ” Ariel continued. ” ‘ What are you showing people? You got so fat on TV, now you look so fat.’ ” The harassment didn’t stop, especially after she gained weight from going on a new medication.

“I got on antidepressants. I gained 30 lbs.,” the actress went on to say. “It was rough going to school, it was rough online, on my Instagram it was like, flooding comments, flooding comments. And so then I was like, ‘They hate this about me, I need to work on it. I need to be thinner, I need to change my hair here, my cheeks look weird. If I change these things about me, the things they hate about me, I’m not going to get that anymore. I’m going to get praised.’ “

After being criticized for so many reasons, like changing her hair, trying to lose weight and donning sexy outfits, Ariel came to conclusion that she would get doomed no matter what she did. Ariel shared that while she’s now in a better place, she’s “definitely still on a journey” to get better. “I’ve been in therapy twice a week for years. I love my therapist. I love my time in therapy,” she revealed.

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