Anna Vakili reveals she’s having her breast implants removed after they go ‘numb’

Anna Vakili reveals she’s having her breast implants removed after they go ‘numb’


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Love Island star Anna Vakili has revealed that she is having her breast implants removed.

The 30 year old had a boob job seven years ago but she now has no sensation in her breasts and she said they feel “completely numb.”

Now looking back at her breast augmentation as a “stupid mistake”, Anna will spend £11,000 on having her implants removed.

Speaking to Fabulous, Anna said: "When I first got them done, I wanted to feel sexier. But it was a mistake thinking bigger boobs would do that.

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"My boobs were always really sensitive. It was the best part of sex but now they're completely numb and it's so upsetting I've lost that sensation.

"Pre-surgery, my boobs were actually perfect. But I was easily influenced and made a stupid mistake… You should just never have surgery to try to look sexy for a guy."

Anna spent £5,500 on her boob job at the age of 23, which took her from a B to an E-cup.

The star has been told that the stretched skin around her breasts will not go back into place when she goes under the knife to have her implants removed.

Because of this, Anna will also have a boob lift during the procedure.

She explained: “I can’t go back to my natural boobs, as they won’t look good due to a lot of saggy skin and emptiness inside. So, what I’ll have to do is have them taken out, get smaller ones put in and then have a boob lift as well in order to avoid the sagging.

“It’s natural that as women get older, our boobs drop. With heavy implants, they drop even more. I’m currently a 36DD and when I put weight on, my boobs go even bigger, and they’re really saggy now.”

Anna also hopes that smaller boobs will allow her to wear the clothes that she has been unable to wear with her large bust, even stopping her from endorsing fashion brands.

She says: “It’s very difficult for me to wear different outfits because my boobs don’t fit into certain tops, which is also getting in the way of work, as I can’t advertise brands.

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“A lot of clothes now, like crop tops, are cupped and just don’t fit my boobs. Even when I wear a bikini I get bad neck pain.

“When your boobs are smaller, you can wear more revealing clothes and not look as ‘out there’.

“From the clips I saw of myself on Love Island, my boobs looked too big on screen. They were popping out.”

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