Anita Rani: Weve been sold this lie that its about being young

Anita Rani: Weve been sold this lie that its about being young


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The 43-year-old presents Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 and has published a memoir The Right Sort Of Girl.

And the television presenter from Bradford believes women are “sold a lie” that once you leave your 20s, you’re less desirable.

Anita, married to tech company boss Bhupi Rehal, graces the cover of November’s Good Housekeeping magazine and says in an interview: “My 40s rock! I think getting older rocks. We’ve been sold this lie that it’s about being young, that once you leave your 20s that’s it, you’re not beautiful any more – or desirable.

“It’s so superficial and such nonsense. Getting older gives you wisdom, power and a deeper understanding of yourself.”

She described this year as being “pretty massive”, saying: “Getting a gig presenting Woman’s Hour and writing a book in one year is pretty massive! The book is the biggest achievement for me…writing it has changed me.”

  • Read the full interview with Anita Rani appears in the November issue of Good Housekeeping on sale on September 29. It is available in all supermarkets and online at MagsDirect.

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