Amber Heard's Assistant Testifies Against Her In Defamation Trial, And It Gets BAD!

Amber Heard's Assistant Testifies Against Her In Defamation Trial, And It Gets BAD!


Amber Heard’s former personal assistant is having her moment at Johnny Depp’s defamation trial, and she once again did not paint a flattering portrait of the Aquaman star.

During her testimony in court on Thursday, Kate James claimed she never saw cuts or bruises on the actress, who accused Depp of domestic abuse in a Washington Post op-ed. James did, however, double down on her previous claims that Amber was verbally abusive toward her, alleging the 35-year-old would fly into a “blind rage” during frequent abusive episodes throughout her employment from 2012 to 2015.

Under questioning from Depp’s lawyers, James explained that one of her jobs was to get two copies of magazines that Heard appeared in and store them in the garage because the starlet didn’t want Depp to see them. One time, Heard “got very angry” because they were lying around, James claimed, adding:

“She went absolutely ballistic. Screaming, yelling, abuse. blind rage.”

James went on to claim that Heard would “scream over the phone” at her and subjected her to “barrages of abusive text messages day and night,” continuing:

“The middle of the night I think, between 2 and 4 a.m. the barrage would start. All incoherent, not making sense, just someone to lash out at. No apparent reason to it.”

One particularly disconcerting moment came when James was negotiating her salary with Heard as she was switching from part time to full time work. When James asked for a fair salary given her experience, she alleged Amber totally lost her cool, telling jurors:

“She leapt up out of my chair, put face four inches from my face, telling me how dare I ask the salary I was asking for. She felt that gave her the right to spit in my face.”

Like we said, not a flattering portrait. And to make matters worse, Amber was seen smirking in court as Kate was detailing this anecdote:

She noted that the $50,000 she asked for was half her usual salary, adding:

“A handyman who witnessed the whole thing was ‘mortified’.”

James then said Heard was mean to her sister Whitney and treated her “like a dog you kick.” Worse still, James said Heard’s own mother was “terrified” because she was abusive to her, too. The professional assistant said Heard “became more and more belligerent and abusive” when she was intoxicated.

As for the actress’ dynamic with Johnny, James claimed that Amber was insecure about her relationship because she “didn’t like to be away from Johnny’s physical presence” — however, Heard allegedly didn’t like hanging out with Depp’s friends, either. She said:

“She told me she didn’t like hanging out in his house with his friends because it was boring and they were all old men playing guitars and it wasn’t interesting to her.”

When asked about her impression of Depp, James said he was “peaceful, almost shy, very quiet” and described him as a “total Southern gentleman.” She claimed she never saw him lose his temper and that he was “always completely passive.” James said she used to chat with Johnny, but would “stop immediately when Amber saw me talking to him and would give me the evil eye.”

James later discussed the day in Mary 2016 when Heard arrived in Los Angeles having flown from Boston, where Johnny was supposedly abusive and drunk towards her. She claimed Heard went straight to the Chateau Marmont hotel to meet up with friends, and described the atmosphere as “a little conspiratorial,” adding that it was “like a strategy meeting, combined with a pool party.”

When asked about the incident by Heard’s lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn, James said she wasn’t concerned for Heard’s well-being at the time because “it had become a pattern with her, I was merely placating her.” She recalled:

“They proceeded to hang out all day drinking while I sat around waiting with my son. We had to wait all day while they hung around drinking by the pool. Finally I went home.”

At 10 p.m. that Sunday night, Heard allegedly asked James to pack her bags. James remembered:

“I said I couldn’t go and pack her bag, I had put my son to bed. She was very angry. It was standard procedure at this point. She was a very dramatic person.”

When asked if she ever saw any injuries, cuts, bruises, swelling or redness to the actresses face, James said, “No,” adding that she “never” saw Heard with black eyes or clumps of hair ripped out of her head. During cross-examination, James’ testimony got a bit… testy. When Rottenborn suggested she was paid $1,500 a week, James said:

“Are you kidding. I wish, my god. She paid me $25 an hour to start with… She finally agreed after screaming abuse at me to pay $50,000 and this is after me working for 10 years as a personal assistant (during her career). It was very insulting to me.”

When asked when she first realized all “wasn’t right in the relationship” between Heard and Depp, James said:

“I don’t recall when it started. Usually her complaining and crying due to insecurities within the relationship. She would be very, very insecure a lot of the time and call me up crying.”

James admitted that the end of her job was a “bit of a shock, the feeling of being blindsided,” adding that she asked Depp to live rent free in one of his houses.

While she agreed with Rottenborn that she was in “fairly significant financial trouble” at the time, she denied Rottenborn’s suggestion that she had “nothing but animosity” towards Heard after they parted ways professionally, adding:

“Any close relationship has ebbs and flows, it’s pretty standard. Things happen and life goes on.”

At one point, Rottenborn asked James if she was saying that just because she never witnessed firsthand evidence of violence towards Heard by Depp, it couldn’t have happened — to which she said:

“That’s not what I said, you’re trying to put words in my mouth, I don’t appreciate that.”

When asked if Heard ever told her Depp had hit her, James said no, adding that she never saw any damage to Depp’s apartment either.


What do U think is going through the jury’s minds at this point in the trial?

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